Cab driver and father of three murdered in Queens (38421)

Patrick Hall, a cab driver from Far Rockaway, Queens, was found dead Sunday morning in his car. Hall had been shot in the back of the head, execution-style. His killer is still at large.

Described by his family as hard-working, Hall, 30, was killed around 7:30 a.m. No motive has been revealed. There is speculation that it might have been a robbery, though the victim was found holding cash in his hand, indicating that the killer did not take anything. Nonetheless, reports state that the crime was a robbery gone wrong.

Hall’s cousin, Denise Shortt, said that Hall was “very friendly.” She added, “I can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt him.”

Hall leaves behind his family, including his fiancee and three children, ages 8, 4 and 11 months. His main purpose in driving cabs was to provide for them. Shortt said that although Hall drove cabs to make a better life for his family, he would never risk his life for money.

“He was a regular guy who loved his family. He wouldn’t have jeopardized his life and his life with his children for some money,” said his cousin.

Even if Hall felt he was being cheated by a customer, he would let it go rather than get into an argument. “If you were short, he wouldn’t make a fuss,” said Shortt.

Cab driving was not seen by Hall as his only option, either. He had been actively looking for other work to give his three children everything he could. He had interviews lined up in other job fields, such as plumbing, and according to Shortt, he had an interview on the day of his death.

New York City Federation of Taxi Drivers spokesman Fernando Mateo announced a reward of $1,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect.