In response to the ongoing murders in Newark, a vocal and militant grass-roots organization in the Brick City has vowed to “shut down Newark” at the beginning of the Labor Day weekend–with a rally and protest march in the heart of the city on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, a group calling itself the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition distributed a press release and posted information online announcing plans to cause chaos and confusion on the eve of the holiday weekend by bringing traffic and business activity to a screeching halt on Friday at 5 p.m. The group says it is organizing a demonstration at the corner of Broad and Market streets–in the heart of Newark.

Organizers said the rally is a challenge to Mayor Cory Booker and other elected officials to provide resources, advice and other viable alternatives to “stop the pandemic disease of senseless violence and genocide plaguing the African-American and Latino communities in Newark.” Newark has experienced a significant uptick in crime in the past year or two, according to various statistics.

Ras Baraka, a member of the Newark City Council, is highlighted in the widely circulated press release. Baraka said, “It is important that everyone come out and support Newark, NJ’s major stand against violence in our communities.”

Baraka, Council president Donald Payne Jr. and member Mildred Crump have been frequent critics of the Booker administration. Tensions between the Council and Booker reached a fever pitch earlier this year when Baraka and Crump stormed out of Booker’s annual State of the City address after being publicly admonished by the mayor.