At the request of many readers of the Amsterdam News, listeners of WBLS-FM, WLIB-AM and business and professional members of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce (GHCC), a new partnership–taking its cue from the success demonstrated by the business breakfast meetings hosted by the Association for a Better New York (ABNY) and Crain’s Breakfast Forum–will launch its own special “Breakfast Exchange & Dialogue” under the banner of “New York 2013 & Beyond.”

“We agreed that it was past time to come together for the purpose of discussing critical issues of importance to our city, region and nation,” said Lloyd Williams, president and CEO of the GHCC. “These will be quarterly breakfast meetings, and we deliberately chose to convene our first gathering to take place a few days before the historic 2012 national and statewide elections.”

“Anyone who has attended an ABNY or Crain’s Breakfast Forum knows from the stated agenda and the opening remarks that they are among the city’s and the nation’s movers and shakers. Therefore, invited to their breakfast meetings are some of the most eminent powerbrokers and leaders who use these sessions to communicate and solidify their influence on the financial and commercial landscape,” said Elinor Tatum, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Amsterdam News.

With that in mind, Deon Levingston, vice president of WBLS-FM/WLIB-AM, said, “The New York 2013 & Beyond Breakfast Series will attract a more diverse and balanced group of decision makers from across the city and the region, and will definitely raise important issues that are less attended at the other business breakfast sessions.”

New York 2013 & Beyond has confirmed its own coterie of national panelists for the inaugural breakfast, which will focus on vital issues, including “Education,” with a panel featuring Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federal of Teachers, and H. Carl McCall, chairman of the State University of New York; and “Business and Job Creation,” with Deborah Wright, chairman and CEO of Carver Federal Savings Bank and Kenneth Knuckles, Esq., vice chairman of the New York City Planning Commission and CEO of Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone.

“No matter who wins the 2012 presidential election or New York City’s 2013 mayoral election, there are sure to be some very dramatic changes in our nation and city,” Williams added. “So our New York 2013 & Beyond quarterly breakfast meetings are all the more important as we adjust to the political and economic changes coming our way.”

Said Levingston, “I think it would be wise for the media to join us for these discussions because of the key issues we will be addressing and the solutions that will be proposed.”

The New York 2013 & Beyond Breakfast launch occurs Thursday, Oct. 25, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building. The breakfast contribution of $50 per person will go to support the February 2013 National Urban Health Conference.

Note that space is limited, so RSVP now. For reservations, call Ms. Sutton at 212-862-7200. Advance payment can be made via Paypal at