Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem has improved, according to a new report on large parks in New York. The 2012 “Report Card on Large Parks,” conducted by New Yorkers for Parks, gave Marcus Garvey Park a park score of 91. The report evaluates the conditions of park playgrounds, drinking fountains, bathrooms and sitting areas, among other scoring criteria. The report surveyed 43 parks around the New York area. New Yorkers for Parks first released information on New York’s parks in 2002.

St. Nicholas Park in Harlem ranked among the bottom three with a score of 75. Juniper Valley Park in Queens received the highest score, a 98. Fort Green Park in Brooklyn scored 87 and Red Hook Recreation Area Park in Brooklyn received a 90. The top three parks were all located in Queens. Soundview Park in the Bronx received a 86. The average park score was 88.

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