“Nightmare: Killers2” is scary good! It is the most fun you will have while you are screaming from fright and laughing as you run through the halls of the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, located at 107 Suffolk St., between Rivington and Delancey streets.

Be prepared to walk into darkness, be grabbed and maybe groped, but also have a great time. Know that serial killers and rapists will be waiting for you in the dark rooms, in the small buildings, in the pitch-black hallways. Murders and pedophiles such as Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Gilles de Rais, Ed Gein and Aileen Wournos will be waiting to speak to you and share their stories and their beliefs. You will hear gunshots and screams of torment as you continue through to experience more and more.

You will wander into areas where black sheets surround you and engulf you. You will find yourself struggling to catch your breath, then suddenly find yourself screaming. Killers will come at you, curse you out, grab your throat, collar or shoulders and shake you. You find yourself constantly switching up between screaming, as characters run screaming at you, and laughing—laughing out loud and running for your life along with your friends.

The creative team behind this horrifying experience includes production designer Paul Smithyman; art directors Justin Haskell and David Hinkle; sound designer David Roy; costume designer Sarah Swafford; lighting designer Garin Marshall; and video designer Alana McNair. The experience is brought to you by producers Timothy Haskell (creator of “Nightmare”) and Steve Kopelman.

You’ll want to go with friends and let the staff mark your face so you get a more touching experience. It is an entertaining time, even before you go in. As you wait, “Killers on Stage” features a scantily clad girl dancing in suggestive ways.

“Nightmare” has been around for 10 years, scaring people in lower Manhattan. This year’s theme of serial killers is one that you won’t forget. You will have a blast as you stumble through the darkness and go from one serial killer to another.

The show runs through Nov. 2. Visit www.hauntedhousenyc.com for more information.