The lifetime achievements of three monumental African scholar warriors were acknowledged this past week as their physical days aligned within four days of each other. Sunday, Dec. 29 was the 90th anniversary of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop’s birth while Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, aka “Dr. Ben,” recognized his 96th physical day on Tuesday, Dec. 31. Likewise, master teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke would have completed his 99th year on this planet on Wednesday, Jan. 1.

“These brothers—the institutions they represent and the legacies that they have left­—are three of the most powerful brothers who functioned at the same time in our history,” said colleague Dr. Leonard Jeffries.

After countless hours of arduous study, they introduced previously covert information regarding the Motherland’s history and heritage to the masses. Most people were educated by enrolling in various institutions where the instructors conducted classes, while others jammed lecture halls around the globe to get a glimpse of the empowering intellects.

Their intellectual contributions have impacted this current generation and continue to break the shackles of mental slavery, according to those in tune with the teachings of these great educators. They helped direct generations back to their original customs and ways of life.

“[All three] were supreme scholars skilled with knowledge and understanding in their respectful fields by challenging the European academia about the origin of humanity and by showing and proving that the Black man is the origin of all humanity,” concurred social analyst Self Glorious Allah.

The three introduced relevant education to many institutions that previously omitted the truth about Akebulan/Africa. “Cheikh Anta Diop’s scientific contributions are profoundly subversive in that they overthrow the established and Europe-centered order of knowledge,” said University of Rouen professor Sylvia-Lise Bada from France, where Diop’s 90th birthday was recognized in Paris on Sunday.

Melanin testing conducted on the mummies in Egypt by Diop validated that the pyramid builders were indeed Black Africans, disproving the propaganda promoted by religions that claimed that Caucasian Jews had built them.

“It represents a triangle of power, light and victory; to link those three together, understanding the times our people are in—the African renaissance,” assessed Jeffries.

These three intellectual giants devoted their lives to uncovering historical facts and then shared them with the general public. They caused a whole generation to seek their history beyond what was taught in classrooms.

Sekou concluded by saying, “They left enough works, whether books or DVDs, which will help us understand ourselves, Europeans and others. Although they were all different [from one another], they were all giants.”