The New York Urban League was founded in 1919 to support Blacks migrating to New York City. They currently operate programs to help people with housing, employment services, finances and technology. (64584)

March is Women’s History Month and the New York Urban League hosted their annual “Girls’ Empowerment Day” just in time for the beginning of this commemorative month.

The New York Urban League, which was founded in 1919 to support Blacks migrating to New York City, has hosted “Girls’ Empowerment Day” for the past five years. Each year, young women from across the city are invited to network with women who are executives in their fields. This year’s theme focused on promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, according to a press release. The promotion of these subjects have received a significant amount of push from the Obama administration through initiatives like the 2009 Educate to Innovate campaign.

For “Girls’ Empowerment Day,” young women 14-18 years of age convened with executives from brands like Time Warner Cable, the New York Yankees and L’Oreal. The event featured a beauty and self-love panel, a showcase of powerful female leaders as well as a private reception giving guests the opportunity to network with one another, according to the press release.

The New York Urban League plans to host a similar event for young men. “Young Men’s Empowerment Day” is scheduled for March 28, according to the group’s website.