The onslaught against President Barack Obama by corporate giants Charles and David Koch has caused two elderly civil rights veterans, George Richardson and Ingrid Frank, to request support from the grassroots movement following Sen. Harry Reid’s revelation on the Senate floor last week that “it is un-American when shadowy billionaires pour unlimited money into our democracy to rig the system and to benefit themselves and the wealthiest 1 percent. It is an attempt to turn the public against the Affordable Care Act, with lying TV ads aimed at destroying President Obama!”

Richardson and Frank said of Reid’s exposure of the billionaire brothers’ efforts to destroy Obama and his social agenda: “It is high time that those of us who want a safety net to protect our poor, sick and elderly stand up and show ourselves.”

“We may be in our 80s and no longer so good at marching … but age does not diminish our outrage when the powerful try to mislead the powerless for their own purpose,” the pair said. “We’ll stand with all those who stand against the ‘invisible hands’ financial power-wielding of the Kochs and their billionaire allies. We must have financial disclosure.

The pair commended Reid for his “inclusive vision where Democrats support an even playing field and higher minimum wages, affordable health care and a secure retirement that gives every American a shot at success”.

Richardson and Frank’s 1975 book, “Get Up, You’re Not Dead!” exposed President Richard Nixon’s drug cover-up and was the catalyst for a national movement to reform the nation’s counterproductive drug laws. They seek to get similar results by exposing the Koch brothers’ agenda.

Richardson and Frank said that they were first made aware of the Koch Brothers’ multimillion dollar investment against Obama after reading “Covert Operations,” Jane Mayer’s exposé in the Aug. 30, 2010, issue of the New Yorker.

“We understood immediately that these brothers were against everything we’d fought for our entire lives … justice, equality and a safety net for all those who needed it. We were shocked and angry to discover how powerful the Kochs had become,” Frank said.

Mayer’s book details how the Kochs’ collect and donate multi-millions to manipulate America. “If people really understood what the Koch brothers secret donations fight for, they would quickly come together in an indignant citizens movement to expose the Koch’s and force them to operate in the sunlight!” Ingrid added.

They soon became actively involved in trying to alert others to the cause. The two are currently finishing another book, “Changing America,” about their 50 years on the cutting edge of America’s human rights struggles. Its last chapter will be devoted to exposing the Koch brothers, just like the last chapter of their first book exposed the Nixon drug cover-up.

Richardson pointed out that the Kochs’ activist group, Americans for Prosperity, has worked closely with the tea party since its inception. So have their other think tanks and foundations. Their primary goal is to incite Americans against the Obama administration’s efforts to build a fundamental safety net that will protect the unemployed, increase public health and save the environment.”

Efforts to reach the Koch brothers were unsuccessful by press time.