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NEW YORK, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mark-Anthony Edwards, CEO of b michael AMERICA outlined to his Board of Directors aggressive plans to expand the b michael AMERICA Couture brand into RTW. “The mission of the brand is to create new jobs and refine skills within the garment industry.” b michael AMERICA is the face of a new America we are a relatively new fashion industry design presence with a deeply committed point of view that moves beyond design excellence and beautiful clothes. This point of view is in our name…as an awareness of, and respect for, the increasingly diverse face of America. Mr. Edwards announced immediate plans for local, national print advertising with an online marketing campaign starting with the re-launch of the company’s website on Monday, April 14th.

This commitment, delivered to consumers through B Michael’s time-tested talent and experience working for some of the country’s leading fashion impresarios, led eventually to starting our own fashion company, and the confidence and differentiation that all viable marketing platforms must have. In our case, this platform supports a new vision of American taste and lifestyle preference. It resists trends. It refuses to victimize consumers with dictatorial edicts which erode, season by season. It takes heed of what men and women say they want, or retailers identify as a void. It signals a new era in collaboration, understanding that clothes are what people wear to meet the world they live in. And we manufacture our goods right here at home.

How do we recognize this shifting paradigm? We listen. We listen to our clientele as they tell us what they want, or what they have trouble finding elsewhere. We listen to merchandisers as they share their own mission statements and buying rationales. Above all, we listen to ourselves — because the inherent artistry in a designer’s talent must be protected even while we strive to meet practical demands. We are a “can do” company that knows where it’s going because it knows how to watch, how to listen, how to respond.

The b michael AMERICA RED collection features beautiful, ready-to-wear pieces that today’s modern-chic woman can easily incorporate into her wardrobe. Each dress in the new collection is designed with on-the-go style in mind so that women can seamlessly transition from daytime to evening. The b michael AMERICA RED collection is available at select retailers, including the following Macy’s locations nationwide also online at Macy’s.com

b michael AMERICA RED RTW Brand Ambassadors are on hand in select stores nationwide to address customer questions and offer style tips and suggestions on how the ready to wear collection can be incorporated into their wardrobes. The designer himself will also make personal appearances in support of the new collection. “As a designer, I am honored to have my RTW collection at Macy’s. This is an iconic and important American retailer and arbiter of style.” For more information, please visit http://www.bmichaelamerica.com

“We are extremely excited to have the b michael AMERICA RED ready to wear collection at Macy’s,” said Tim Baxter, Macy’s executive vice president, Fashion and Product Office. “B Michael is an extraordinary talent with a keen eye for fashion and sophisticated design. We are thrilled to introduce this truly inspired collection to our customer.”

Designer B Michael views the b michael AMERICA RED ready-to-wear collection as an extension of his highly-praised Couture line. “The ready-to-wear collection is a joy to create because it allows me to broaden my point-of-view of Advanced American Style that for me means classic glamour,” says Mr. Michael. “I am also extremely proud that all of our pieces are manufactured in America in the New York City Garment District which enables our team to be hands on, assuring highest quality and interpretation of my designs.”

Macy’s Store Locations:

  • Macy’s Herald Square, New York, New York
  • Macy’s Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia
  • Macy’s State Street, Chicago, Illinois
  • Macy’s Water Tower, Chicago, Illinois
  • Macy’s Metro Center, Washington DC
  • Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco, California
  • Macy’s Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Macy’s South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California
  • Macy’s Lenox Square, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Macy’s Memorial City, Houston, Texas