“I want justice,” declared Lyn Warren Singleton, the wife of another man killed in police custody, whose death has been ruled a homicide.

On July 13, four days before Eric Garner was killed in a chokehold by a NYPD officer, Ronald Singleton, 45, was killed when officers physically restrained him. Last week, the city’s medical examiner ruled that Singleton’s death was a homicide.

Singleton, according to the police, was high on PCP when they arrested him in Midtown Manhattan. The medical examiner also said that Singleton, at 5-foot-7 and weighing over 200 pounds, was overweight and suffered from heart disease, factors they may have contributed to his death.

Singleton, the father of four with a grandchild, was in a taxi when he began acting up, leading to an altercation with the taxi driver, who called the police. The police said that Singleton resisted arrest, forcing them to subdue him with a full-body wrap called a “burrito.” Singleton was in an ambulance on his way to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital when he went into cardiac arrest.

“They didn’t pay attention to him when he was crying for help,” said Warren Singleton. “Someone having a heart attack has different signs than someone just bugging out.” She added that his relationship with the police was never very good. He probably went into a panic when the police approached, she said.

A doctor at the hospital informed Warren Singleton that her husband was dead on arrival and was still handcuffed. The police said that Singleton had an extensive arrest record, including assaults and weapons possession.

The Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD is investigating the incident. Meanwhile, no disciplinary action has been administered to the officers involved in the arrest.