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Common Misunderstandings about Adult Bullying

1). We are all – adults, children, and everyone in between – constantly exposed to bullying.

2.) In any given moment, we are playing one of these three roles: the bully, the bullied, or the bystander. Most often, we aren’t aware of which role we are playing, or of the impact it has on our lives.

3.) Different types of bullying include harassment, coercion, incivility, purposeful isolation, insults, threats, violence, verbal/emotional abuse, intimidation, and rumor-spreading.

4.) Bullying, especially in the workplace, causes depression, PSTD, anxiety, high turnover, low quality output, and low productivity.

5.) Bullies come in many forms – narcissistic, impulsive, verbal, and physical are the most common.

6.) Bullying is NOT a reflection of the victim. It is a reflection of the bully’s state of mind.

7.) Bullying can happen at home, at work, in social settings, online, and anywhere else you spend your time.

The Four Most Inspiring Things to Know about Living A Bully-Free Life

1.) EVERYBODY wins when we do this work. Being bully-free means being the best you can be.

2.) Bullying – and the negative impact it has on your personal and professional life – is preventable. It IS stoppable. All it takes is someone committed enough to ending the impact that bullying is having on their life. If you are that person, then you are in the right place.

3.) Being bully-proof means being free to be yourself, to speak up, to dress and act as your true, authentic self. It means having a strong, confident self-image in a positive, productive environment.

4.) When you live bully-free, you have:

  • Increased confidence in yourself, your appearance, and your work
  • Increased courage to pursue your personal goals
  • Increased ability to take on personal and professional challenges
  • Conflict-free communication with coworkers and employers
  • Higher quality of family life and work/life balance

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