Traciana Graves (118982)
Credit: Contributed

Parents today have tons of things to deal with and sometimes it feels like more than any other time before. Not so shockingly, children have way more to deal with at school than ever as well. It is easy for parents to not realize how things like the internet and cell phones can be helping make their children’s lives a living hell or just how serious bullying is to our young adults. Their awareness about suicides caused from severe bullying or their own experiences on the receiving end of bullying make them incredibly insightful.

We asked our group of students to be completely honest about what they thought parents didn’t know about bullying in regards to their children and what they thought those parents needed to know. They were pretty upfront about their concerns and shared freely from the point of view of their peers. We were able to come up with these 8 points that every parent should know.

  1. Some children don’t tell their parents that they are being bullied because they are concerned that their parents may feel like they did something to provoke the bullying.
  2. A part of your child dies every time they are bullied and it’s hard to discuss that with someone.
  3. Bullying starts up changes in a child. It makes a child want to be different and that change may not always be for the better.
  4. Sometimes even “good” children bully because it’s what the “cool” kids do and it gets you respect.

Read the remaining points at you’re resource for all things bully prevention.