There are trends when it comes to fashion, technology and most industries. Food is no exception. The latest trend is simple, wholesome and, some would say, homeopathic. It is far from new. In fact, it is centuries old and what was once old is new again. We’re talking about broth. The method of infusing water primarily with the marrow of animal bones but also aromatics, spices and more to create a staple of many cultures and their dishes.

Recently, a couple of broth places have popped up in the city to some mixed reviews, but that didn’t stop Alex Mitow of FAME from putting together the first ever Bone Broth Festival at the Sugarcube at South Street Seaport. Katz’s Deli (@KatzsDeli) served their famous chicken broth, Brooklyn’s Spurtree (@SpurtreeNYC) showed what spicy fish “tea” tastes like in Jamaica and Caracas Arepa Bar (@CaracasArepaBar) showed their heart with true sancocho!

I loved seeing Harlem in the cube with broth subscription service Bone Deep & Harmony ( serving their classic grassfed beef broth with fixings. Owner Taylor Chen and her partner Lya have been making and selling broth since starting an exchange five years ago.

My favorite of the festival was Belle Reve (@BelleReveNYC) for their whipped, blackened bone butter broth with chilis and herbs. Though I declined the splash of whiskey, I went back for seconds of this dastardly delicious spicy salve. I must taste the dish that uses this addicting broth at the restaurant!

Got broth?! See you next time!