From the time you sit down at the UniverSoul Circus, you realize why you are here once again. It is time for you to rejoin this family.

Everyone had a blast taking part in a clapping competition between the sections. You feel the smile growing on your face as a performer uses only gestures and a whistle to convey what he needs you to do.

My family and I look forward to this circus every year. I got an added treat as Zeke, the original sidekick and still in the role, came to where I was sitting and said, “Hello.” When I identified myself, he smiled and said, “You grew up with us!” and gave me a hug.

Yes, I have grown up with this circus, and so have my daughters, as have a lot of families. It was wonderful to look around the audience and see such a vast mixture of generations as families came together to share the joy, laughter and amazement.

The circus has animal acts with zebras, elephants and even a few tigers that happened to pop up. The UniverSoul Circus also has contortionists—three young ladies called “Trinity” that can bend and twist in all types of ways. These young women are able to balance on each other in ways that take your breath away.

The Navas Wheel is where two Latin brothers are able to run, jump and even jump rope while in two enormous spinning wheels. They performed these tricks in the ring and on the outside of the rings as they spun, often getting gasps from the audience.

The Wuman Flying Trapeze artists were mesmerizing to watch as they flipped through the air. The Globe of Death had four daredevil motorcyclists. There were men that gave new meaning to climbing poles. These men had such skills and upper body strength.

There were so many marvelous acts to be amazed by. This is a circus for everyone to enjoy. But of course, UniverSoul is about family and family participation, so two of my favorite parts were the Soul Train line, where five men and five women danced down the line in a battle of the sexes.

I must admit that the men won at the performance I enjoyed.

There’s also a section of the show called Platinum Lovers, where a new-school couple and an old-school couple come onto the floor and serenade their love to whatever love songs are played by acting out the words. This idea is absolutely brilliant and always leads to the audience laughing and screaming so loudly and for so long that you almost lose your voice. At least, that’s what happened to me. After Platinum Lovers, I had to leave the calls for the audience to scream to the young people I brought with me.

UniverSoul Circus puts the spotlight on the talent of Black people and people from other cultures. It also distinguishes itself from other circuses every year because it brings a message of encouragement to kids. It always lets them know they are somebody and they count, and this year’s show has a special, moving message for everyone who attends. I won’t give you details of it because the secret to being moved by it is being stunned, and you will be.

Go to UniverSoul Circus, be entertained, laugh uncontrollably and be moved. You will be filled with pride over our people. The circus is starting its New York City run in the Bronx at 149th and Exterior Street. Just take the 2, 4 or 5 train to 149th Street Grand Concourse and it’s about four blocks away. Bring your family to a circus that showcases our worth!

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