What is success? What gives one fulfillment in life? If you have a great career in which you do something that you’re passionate about and that pays you well, is that success? To the outside world, you might look like you have the perfect life, but when you’re alone, what thoughts are really going through your mind? As a woman, do you need a man to validate your existence and prove your worth? If you feel a man can do this, what type of man should he be?

All these questions are what comes to mind as you think about the message and the journey that the character takes in “The Heidi Chronicles,” playing on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre on West 45th Street.

Heidi Holland is a woman who has made it her passion and life’s work to recognize all the female artists in history and bring them to the public eye. She is very much a feminist. She even joins a feminist group, in which women come together to appreciate and empower each other. On the relationship front, she cares about a man who is a proven philander, but she accepts whatever time he can afford her. When he marries another woman, she attends the wedding and learns why he could never have married her.

The journey that playwright Wendy Wasserstein puts this character on is often funny and clear cut, but it also has some surprise pitfalls. Wasserstein gives a real-life story, not a fantasy.

The cast is first-rate and includes Elisabeth Moss as Heidi, Jason Biggs as Scoop, her lover, and Bryce Pinkham as Peter, her friend from school. Ali Ahn plays her best friend from high school, Susan. The rest of the cast shows their versatility as they play multiple roles and includes Andy Truschinski, Tracee Chimo, Leighton Bryan and Elise Kibler. The production is delightfully directed by Pam MacKinnon.

For more information, visit www.theheidichroniclesonbroadway.com.