Demonstration in Baltimore (139513)

The riot in Baltimore was a terrible incident and proof that racism is still very much alive in the world. Police brutality is something that primarily happens in the Black community, whether it’s a Black male walking down the street unarmed or a Black female exhibiting so-called “suspicious activity.”

The recent Mike Brown, Eric Gardner and Tamir Rice situations have all been caused by a white cop being afraid of a Black person. It’s because of things like this that there is still so much tension between Black people and police, and that so many young brothers and sisters are dying over things that could have been solved better through careful analysis or questioning first.

Black people need to learn that getting emotional with a cop, especially a white one, can lead to greater difficulty. The killing of Freddie Gray is tragic, but let’s face it, things like that happen all the time to Black people, it just depends on what the media wants to put on TV.

Pan-Africanist Dr. Umar Johnson states that the riots that have occurred over Black people getting shot is actually a good thing for Black people because most businesses in predominately Black neighborhoods are not owned by Black people in our neighborhoods. The reason this is a problem is because we are giving our money to every other race but our own, and that creates an economic problem for Blacks. Johnson also states that for Black people to get out the dire situation we are in today, we need to have a mental revolution before a physical revolution so we learn how to strategically gain some power and respect in the world as a people.