Elombe Brath (74495)

When Elombe Brath, a noted freedom fighter and native of Harlem, joined the ancestors last May 19, it was an unforgettable date because it also marked the 89th birthday of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).

Both Malcolm and Brath will be honored Saturday, May 16 at Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn. The event, sponsored by the Elombe Brath Foundation, is the first in what is planned to be an annual commemoration of the fallen soldier for liberation. There, the community will learn of efforts to preserve his archives and documents, which, like his life, are quite extensive.

“I am glad to hear of this plan,” said attorney Robert Van Lierop, who worked with Brath during their tenure at Gil Noble’s “Like It Is.” “Elombe was a superb graphic artist and an indispensable aide to Gil, particularly in assuring the appearance of many legendary African revolutionaries on the show.”

Brath, who founded and chaired the Patrice Lumumba Coalition, was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and information on African and African-American history. He was never without an armful of newspapers, magazines and books, all of which fueled the lengthy and fact-filled lectures and discussions.

Memories of Brath will abound at the Plaza, which is located at 1368 Fulton St. in Brooklyn and will take place in the Community Room from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.