It may take a while before Revolution Books is up and running in Harlem, but last week the launch was announced and it promises to be a real boon for a community without a stand-alone bookstore.

Since the closing of Hue-Man and Liberation Book Store years ago, book lovers in Harlem since have had to rely on the limited supply of editions at the Studio Museum and the Schomburg Center. That need will be remedied once Revolution Books makes available its impressively large array of titles, particularly out-of-print and radical publications.

“We are glad to be here in Harlem,” said Carl Dix, a leading spokesperson for the bookstore and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. “Our hope is to have the store opened by September 1.”

At the moment, the location on Malcolm X Boulevard and 132nd, formerly a Dominican salon, is a mere shell of what the location is sure to become, with timely donations and other funding sources.

“This will take some time, but we are busy pulling together the funds we need,” said Andy Zee, who, during a press conference last week, indicated some of the plans. “Much of the money for the shelves needs to be in place real soon.”

Zee said the store will have the same range and number of books that existed at its previous location downtown, which they had to leave after the lease expired. That means that everything an indie nonprofit can house, but always with “a revolutionary slant,” said Zee.

Stay tuned for a possible online crowdfunding initiative to help defray the expenses.