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Don’t Snooze On Clues is an organization that provides educational safety services to children and youth.

DSOC addresses any issues that will have a negative effect on young people or will dramatically change children’s lives. DSOC educates parents and staff on ways to identify when there’s a problem with a child.

DSOC conducts its own workshops and training sessions, publishes its own educational safety books for children and much more. As quoted on its website, the organization’s main mission is to educate the youth to become a problem solver of social situations using STEAM elements.

October is anti-bullying month and in that spirit, DSOC and WIN by Winfield Sergeant have created the “The Bullying Is Not a Norm” campaign to focus on the topic and conduct a contest to bring awareness to the current issue. With October just in its second week, the two organizations have already incorporated activities, educational workshops and awareness building and are now hosting a citywide essay contest.

Young people aged 8 to 10 and 11 to 13 years will be able to participate in the first ever Essay Writing Contest. The first prize winner from each group will receive a $150 gift card, and the second place winner will receive a three-month family membership to the Jamaica YMCA. Participants who submit their essays will be invited to the DSOC Halloween Costume Celebration Saturday, Oct. 31 at 11a.m. Attendees will celebrate with music, food, candy and more.

Participates must write a 500- to 1,000-word essay about their experiences with bullying. They will have to offer ways to handle and prevent bullying in our community. The essay can be submitted either neatly handwritten or typed. The deadline for this contest is Oct. 23, and entries should be sent to the Library for Teens or the Discovery Center at the Queens Central Library, 89-11 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11432 or emailed to info@DontSnoozeOnClues.com. Put “Essay Contest” in the subject line. All entries must include contact information (full name, age, school, grade, phone and email) to be considered.