Every year I look forward to UniverSoul Circus returning to New York and it never disappoints. But this year’s circus has done much more than meet my expectations. It has succeeded in bringing the word “thrill” back to the one-ring circus, and it truly makes you appreciate and note how high the Big Top reaches.

Universoul Circus is still a home away from home for families. It is still a show that encourages children to appreciate their loved ones and encourages all to have a great time and “somebody, anybody, everybody—scream!” And scream you will! There are so many opportunities for audience participation in the circus that you’ll come out hoarse and tired, but it’s the good kind of tired. And for the kids, it’s just an unlimited good time.

A circus should have acts that capture your attention, astonish you and touch you on multiple levels. A circus should be able to find different ways of making an audience laugh. And UniverSoul succeeds on all levels. You walk out feeling that you’ve had a wonderfully great time.

UniverSoul boasts Olate Dogs from Chile, pole climbers from Ethiopia, an aerial duet from Colombia, a Chinese bicycle act, beautifully buff Russian bar performers from Cuba, elephants from the U.S. and an act from California that circus-goers have never before experienced. And the circus is once again hosted by Ringmaster Lucky and Sidekick Zeke.

This circus is a must-see for all! Call 1-800-745-3000 for tickets, or visit www.universoulcircus.com for more info.