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Marion Christopher Barry, the son of the late mayor of Washington, D.C., has died of an apparent drug overdose. Sunday afternoon, it was reported by WTOP, that Barry, 36, had gone outside to smoke K-2, a form of marijuana and PCP, when he suddenly dropped dead after a brief period of hyperactivity.

Barry was found unconscious and rushed to George Washington University Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. His death was confirmed by his stepmother, Cora Masters Barry, who said her “heart was broken … his death is beyond comprehension.”

Like his father, who died in 2014, Barry struggled with drug addiction. A year ago, he ran for a council seat in Washington, D.C., and finished in sixth place.

Several friends and associates, including Councilman Jim Graham, spoke fondly of Barry, but noted that he failed to submit entirely to a treatment program. “If he’d done that,” Graham said, “maybe there would a different conclusion today.”

In 2015, according to sources, Barry pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an encounter in a local bank. He tried to withdraw money from an overdrawn bank account and was sentenced to a year’s probation.

That incident was just one of several during his troubled life, including a number of driving infractions and possession of drugs.

His father, a civil rights icon, died at the United Medical Center of cardiac arrest. He was 78. His mother, Effie Slaughter, who divorced his father in 1993 but helped him win election in 2004, died Sept. 6, 2007, after a long battle with acute myeloid leukemia.