The ACLU went before the New Jersey Supreme Court Wednesday appealing the Kashad Ashford police killing case in Trenton.

The civil rights organization was heard on its appeal of a lower court ruling in the case of NJ Media Group v. Lyndhurst. In the lower court, the court ruled that police could withhold legal records pertaining to the case as it deems fit. The ACLU appealed the ruling, insisting that the public has a right to such basic information in these situations, and insisting that upholding the lower court’s ruling would be a dangerous step backwards in the quest for improved police accountability.

“We will be in Trenton for the Ashford family, with the ACLU, and for all calls for real police accountability,” said P.O.P. chairman Lawrence Hamm, who was in court in support of the ACLU.

Ashford was shot to death while unconscious in Lyndhurst in September 2014 by police officers from Lyndhurst, Rutherford and the NJ State Police. The State Police have refused to release any documents pertaining to the case to the press, to Ashford’s family or to the public since the incident.