Radio City (226575)
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The holiday season has started, and what better way to acknowledge it than going to see a family tradition, “The Radio City Christmas Show?” My daughters and I went to enjoy it as we do every year and it was fantastic to see. We felt the warmth of the holiday season and loved experiencing the glittering costumes, the synchronized dance moves of the Rockettes and the family friendly environment that is the Radio City Christmas Show.

The 3D experience as Santa Claus leaves the North Pole and journeys to Radio City is phenomenal. The costumes on the Rockettes, when they perform the entertaining and engaging number, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” are gorgeous to behold. These ladies are so talented. I also love the fact that African-American women are now included among the world famous Radio City Rockettes. One of my favorite moments in the production comes at the beginning with “Clara’s Story,” as a little girl and her full-size, living stuffed animals beautifully perform ballet moves, as part of this little girl’s ultimate dream.

A number that has long held a special place in people’s heart is when the Rockettes come out dressed as wooden soldiers and do an exactly timed dance and march. The music and synchronized moves are mesmerizing to see. One particularly popular and cherished segment occurs when a cannon is fired, the boom flag pops up, and the Rockettes, one by one fall into each other’s arms as they interlock, creating a domino-like effect.

“New York at Christmas” is a delightful number that features beautiful dancing, singing and costumes. The audience was treated to a lovely rendition of “White Christmas.”

The story of the two brothers who are looking for the perfect gift for their sister leads to the audience being taken to Santa’s workshop.

The final scene of this production moves me to the point of speechlessness. I’m so overwhelmed by the beauty of the story of Christ’s birth and the manger scene with the wise men that I can only clap. I can’t speak. The show ends with an uplifting, upbeat version of “Joy to the World,” and it truly is a joy to hear.

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