Calling 10,000 to faith, family, neighborhood, unity, peace and power, the Pan-Afrikan Muslim Association will host a massive community meeting for Muslims of African descent, for the African-American community and for humanity at Weequahic High School, 279 Chancellor Ave. in Newark, N.J., in February 2017. The topic of discussion will center on the crisis in the Black family.

The P.A.M.A. is outraged over the poor conditions of Muslims of African descent and of Africans/African-Americans. We must force our people, and the world, to understand that neglected and failed American urban policies to eradicate joblessness, and the fragmentation of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement within the African-American community, have been creating abnormal levels of violence (police and Black-on-Black violence) and despair in the city of Newark and in cities across America for nearly 50 years. Therefore, as a result of this intentional abandonment by the power structure and the irrelevance of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements in urban centers, where there is a high concentration of African-American poverty, proliferation of drugs, high incarceration rates of Black men and Black women, miseducation, the lack of a Black liberation movement, disconnection from a spiritual foundation, Western individualism, joblessness, the absence of a Black agenda to force the powers that be to address Black oppression, mental illnesses, dysfunctional families, police brutality, corporate rape, racism, classism, sellouts, the absence of fathers, the absence of mothers, the intergenerational gap between elder Blacks and younger Blacks, and Black self-hatred has gone unchecked, thus, creating genocidal and violent conditions within the African-American community, we must organize against these negative elements to help empower Black people. The P.A.M.A. plans to work with the African-American community to find solutions to problems facing the African/African-American people.

The P.A.M.A. is a community-based African/African-American Islamic organization that believes the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, and the knowledge of the African self will help to empower Muslims of African descent and African people in America and in the world. The group’s inspirational adviser is Omawale El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X).

Bashir Akinyele, a co-founder and an organizer of the P.A.M.A, said, “The Pan Afrikan Muslim Association will be a broad vehicle for organizing our people and humanity to be the change agents for a better community.”

For more information, about the P.A.M.A., call 908-956-3523 or email bashir.akinyele@gmail.com