The perplexing problem President Trump presents us is where do we start in our demand to remove him from office—the growing cry for impeachment, his abominable budget plans and determination to roll back Obama’s affordable health care, the recent tour abroad that left climate change and NATO distraught?

And to say nothing of the investigation of his campaign team’s connection with the Russians, particularly now as its tentacles reach into his inner circle, implicating his son-in-law.

Choose any one of these pressing dilemmas that imperils the nation domestically and internationally, and you have a president who not only has a clue of how to resolve them, but who, for the most part, is responsible for creating them.

Trump has bellyached about leaks, but he needs to check his own loose lips, especially his meeting with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

He berated the Muslim leaders during his speech in Saudi Arabia about curbing the spread of evil, but that resident evil is embedded in most of his proposals. It is evil to cut the budget that endangers millions of Americans who depend on food stamps, housing assistance, Social Security benefits and Medicaid.

And then there’s the Trump team with such brainless and insensitive persons as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and HUD head Dr. Ben Carson. We have an acclaimed neurosurgeon who believes that poverty is a “state of mind.” What we have is a HUD boss who is out of his mind.

OK, now in most multiple choice tests they usually include a final choice—all of the above, and that’s the answer to this exam because all the problems we face are an accumulative disaster, and each week finds American citizens on a ship of state of Pequod proportions.

Trump is our Captain Ahab—delusional—and it’s time for the people to rise in mutiny against his feckless leadership. It’s time to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!