Transparency, like the truth, is an alien word in the vocabulary of the Trump family, a point given fresh currency with Trump Jr.’s rush to publish his Russian-related emails in advance of media disclosure. Opaque is a better word for their machinations.

It’s hard to believe Trump Jr. would have revealed this assignation with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in 2016 if The New York Times wasn’t poised to publish it. Incredible, too, that Trump Sr. wasn’t aware of Trump Jr.’s meeting. We believe he was just as excited about the possibility of obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton’s campaign as his son. “I love it,” Donald Jr. is reported to have exclaimed in an email about the so-called damaging material.

If either of the Trumps is truly interested in transparency, then the American public needs to know exactly what was said at the meeting with the Russian lawyer. Apparently, and this is clearly a conjecture on our part, there was no there there.

This recent uptick should fuel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the possible connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Although it raises the question again of collusion, that, in of itself, may not be enough to legally indict Trump or his “co-conspirators.”

From the very inception of his run for the presidency Trump has been a Houdini of distraction, a prevaricator of the highest order, and we have to expect he will continue to be that artful dodger, unable to handle the truth or to disclose it.

On this week’s editorial page, the publisher has voiced legitimate concerns about the state of media literacy and the challenges news seekers face in this digital age and the proliferation of fake-news.

The chief purveyor of this mounting problem is the president himself. His charge that the media is the “enemy of the people” has established a mood and attitude that feed into the difficulties the ordinary reader encounters when seeking the validity of a story or incident.

Obfuscation and false reporting are at the core of an administration that in every instance seems to be in a state of denial, an administration that is as anti-democratic as it is authoritarian.

When Trump continues to hide the facts from the people, continues his efforts to pull the wool over our eyes, he should not be surprised that more and more folks are taking to the streets to protest his policies.

Mass protests are set for July 15 across the nation and we encourage people to exercise their democratic rights, and they should know that our good wishes are with them as we continue our crusade to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!