Here is an example of what 100 years should look like. Wilmer Louise Robinson celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her relatives and church family at Brooklyn Community Church Sunday, June 25, 2017. This Young at Heart Sunday honored everyone 65 years and older. Age is just a number.

Robinson is full of energy and continues to pass on her life experiences. The South Carolina native was born June 20 in 1917. Her father pastored several churches, and she has been committed to her faith ever since. She married her husband in 1939 and they had three children. 

Since settling in New York, she faithfully served at Bridge Street A.W.M.E. Church for 67 years and is now a proud member of Brooklyn Community Church.

She said that she is “grateful, blessed and thankful to her Lord and Savior” for all of her family and friends who have touched her life.