Above all, the creation of Black Crows began as a story of friendship between Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, freeride skiers in Chamonix, France. With their passion for mountains and adventure, they designed skis suited for their practice in the Mont-Blanc massif. Their skis and equipment are functional, graphically designed and colorful. Now is the best time to shop for winter ski gear.

Black Crows started with a ski, the Corvus, which was created in 2006 and went on sale in 2007. It’s a ski capable of accelerating without limits in the massif’s great powder fields. This ski also has the capacity to handle delicate passages that are encountered in high mountains. This non-conformist ski was the catalyst for the morphologic evolution of freeride skis. Today, the willingness to explore and discover translates itself into a range that embraces all free ski domains, from ski-touring to freeride, passing by a special feminine range.

Parallel to this development, Black Crows offers numerous accessories of poles, skins, ski bags, and backpacks. For two years, the brand has also ventured into the production of high-quality textiles, with two complete collections aimed at ski-touring and freeride. When skiing, it is now possible to be equipped from head to foot by Black Crows, except for footwear, pants and bras.

Inspired by modern art, passing via urban culture, the Black Crows identity is expressed with a modern and exclusive design. Their logo was created by Yorgo Tloupas of Yorgo & Co., an association of chevrons that reminds them of their childhood drawings. It symbolizes the squadron of crows. Simple and geometric, it can be modified into infinity. The involvement of Yorgo & Co.’s Paris design office and more particularly of its founder, Yorgo Tloupas, in the artistic direction of the brand was manifested in the link between urban and skiing universes. The relation is equally one of the company’s foundations. They have a willingness to surpass classic boundaries between the mountains and the town. The company offers a new approach to the mountains. For clothing collections, the participation of young well-known international designers adds a modern stylishness to the line. They bring timely technical touches to their looks. Black Crow offers a new, fashionable approach to the mountains.