“Take her swimming on the first date” was a common statement turned meme said by many men who shamed females for wearing makeup. Thankfully, women such as Kelsey Guerrier did not let derogatory statements like that deter her from her dreams of becoming a makeup artist and influencing the moods of her clients. Now she is a manager at Morphe, a makeup artist and a Youtuber showcasing her range of skills.

At the age of 14 nine years ago, Guerrier realized that she wanted to be a makeup artist. Watching makeup videos on YouTube quickly became an obsession for her. “I started watching Jaylovesmac1 makeup tutorials.” says Guerrier. Excited, she reached for her mom’s MAC makeup and started using it to mask her dark under-eye circles. However, she realized that the makeup channel she was watching did not cater to her skin complexion. To get the proper guidance she needed, she looked deeper into YouTube for darker skinned Youtubers like herself, and began buying her own palettes.

Her dreams working for MAC came true in 2014, when she decided to take her makeup artist career into her own hands and give back while still marketing herself. Women of various ages would come to her for prom makeup, birthdays and parties. “I enjoy enlightening people and teaching them different things,” says Guerrier. “I want women to enhance their beauty and I want them to feel beautiful.”

Now with a YouTube channel of her own, Muabykg, Guerrier does looks not only for darker skinned women but also for women of different skin tones. “I feel that makeup has been taking a great stance!” she declared. “They have been trying to be more inclusive with all races, which I love!”

For more makeup looks, Guerrier can be found on Instagram and YouTube through the name Muabykg.