After dissing the dead soldiers in Paris, skipping a peace forum and blaming state authorities in California for the spreading wildfires, Trump is now back to national politics and the ongoing recounts in undecided midterm elections.

It is one thing to be less then vigilant and attentive to the dead soldiers, and quite another to announce that votes from servicemen and women stationed overseas should not be counted.

Why he should be concerned about the military absentee ballots is baffling because military members usually vote Republican and have soundly backed Trump and his policies.

But there is rarely any logic to Trump’s moves and not a trace of truth. His tweets are fact-free, and he will lie to get the upper hand no matter the contest.

A recent example is his flip on Sgt. Joe Friday of “Dragnet” fame, who only wanted the facts. Trump claimed that the senatorial and gubernatorial races in Florida should be awarded to Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, respectively. He claimed that the ballots there and in Arizona, where Rep. Krysten Sinema has been declared the winner in the Senate race over her Republican opponent, are “massively infected.”

We know where the massive infection is, and Trump’s charge that fraud is prevalent in these elections is without evidence, not that he ever needed any for his outlandish claims.

With a new attorney general on his way in through Trump’s revolving door and another top security aide possibly on the way out, we eagerly await the arrival of the new congressional representatives, especially the 34 recently elected women, and we hope they can apply the remedy to our topsy-turvy government and provide a shield to the rampant undemocratic policies imposed by Trump.

Day by day, we witness the diminishing potency of our democracy, which, for the most part, has always been in tatters. But nowadays the so-called sacred trusts are in the wrong hands, and even Stan Lee couldn’t concoct a more villainous creature.

No Spiderman or Iron Man or Black Panther is needed to topple Trump. All we need is a highly informed citizenry and elected officials not afraid to go to the mat, and it’s to be seen how forthright and unwavering the representatives will be in their promise to keep Trump’s feet to the fire, and make his crown a bit more uneasy on his inflated head.

Trump, with his lies and flapdoodle, is lining up his ducks, shoring up his war chest in preparation for the major showdown two years from now, and the Democrats would be foolish to rest on the laurels of the midterms. Like in the classroom, midterm exams are important, but it’s the finals that count, and with that in mind, to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!