I have my Harlem haunts for those perfect expected bites whether the eatery is fast casual, fast food or fine dining. When the mood strikes for something sweet or savory, I close my eyes and mentally troll through my taste-buds Rolodex. So when I uncover delicious new Harlem bites, my taste buds log them in.

First, at a visiting college friend’s invitation to lunch at Red Rooster, I realized I had not been there in a while and it did not disappoint. What began with simple and delicious fries seasoned to impress and mac and cheese (made without collard greens) exploded into Poppa Eddie’s shrimp and grits! Gumbo, chorizo and okra over stone-ground grits. The lightly sautéed spinach on top made it a complete meal. I need that again!

The second, happenstance while walking down Frederick Douglass Boulevard from Hamilton Heights. A brightly lit, cool, cobalt blue and white sign read, “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream” (@MikeyLikesItIceCream, 2500 Frederick Douglass Bld., 212-690-2500, www.mikeylikesiticecream.com)! It was 40 degrees out, but I was in!

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream flavors are seasonal and varied but worth a return for more intel. However, thanks to the great customer service, I settled on Brady Bunch of banana pudding ice cream with Vienna Fingers. Guess what? Kysha likes it too!