Police body camera (168269)

Salvation and Social Justice and The NJ Black Multi-faith Alliance, in conjunction with the State Conference NAACP, NJ Black Legislative Caucus and various organizations from the United Black Agenda, are holding community hearings regarding the findings in the recent “Force Report.”

According to an analysis of five years of police use-of-force data from every department in the state, Black people were three times more likely to be punched, kicked, pepper sprayed, struck with a baton and attacked by a dog in police use-of-force situations and more than twice as likely to be shot.

Very few departments analyze racial profiling. Of the more than 4,600 uses-of-force against people under 18, slightly more than half the subjects were Black, though they represent only 14.5 percent of the child population in New Jersey.

The coalition has several solutions to the problem including removing officers who violate the civil rights of African-Americans or demonstrate bias, mandating in-car and body-worn cameras and releasing the footage to the public and requiring a five-year residency requirement for all law enforcement.