It’s hard not to get excited by recent polls that show Joe Biden is leading Trump in key states such as Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania. If only these public barometers of the moment appear in November 2020, and even more important translate into votes against the Oval Office incompetent incumbent.

His approval rating may be in the basement and he has bats in his belfry; Trump is a nasty opponent who will stoop to anything to win. He is our chief prevaricator whose lies and falsehoods mask the fact that he is far from the omnipotent deal maker he often claims.

We are reminded of his lying on the Mexico fiasco that his threats to impose tariffs on the nation brought them to the table with significant concessions and agreements.

What we have come to learn is that the so-called deal with Mexico were actions already agreed upon, including expanding a program for immigrants seeking asylum and deploying troops to intercept migrants marching to the U.S. border.

Again it shows that Trump, the master of deception and the creator of crises—many of which are merely figments of his own tormented imagination—is never to be trusted. It’s true, he cannot handle the truth; in fact, he has no idea what it is when it stares him in the face.

Activists in the ’60s used to have a phrase that was borrowed from an African revolutionary: “Tell no lies, and claim no easy victories!” Trump’s reign has been the exact opposite of this declaration, and sadly, too many Americans have bought into his mendacity, accepting his conclusions without disagreement.

Lately, though, there have been reverberations that all is not well among his fellow GOP officials, and a few are beginning to speak out against his policies and behavior. Would that his disaffection reaches a critical mass in time for the next presidential election because that’s when it, like the recent polls, would be most beneficial.

Meanwhile, we await the outcome of Trump’s next temper tantrum, the next insult that we know is coming and don’t necessarily need in our cause that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!