It is unequivocally clear that the Republican Party has bought Trump’s fake news mantra, hook, line and sinker. Some digestion of the lies and falsehoods he has perpetrated is currently happening at the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees’ interrogation of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Much more insidious is the extent to which GOP leaders have not only accepted Trump’s conclusions about the four congresswomen of color he has been assailing over the last several weeks, they are now purveyors themselves of Trump’s fake news that the women are haters of America and Israel, with praise for the nation’s enemies at home and abroad.

These Republican loyalists insist that Trump is not a racist, and that may be the largest fabrication of all and just a vital part of his scheme of misinformation to feed his base hungry for whatever distraction he fulminates.

And, to some extent, we are pleased to see one of our slogans get another turn from the tweet of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who rebutted Trump’s claim that the women should “go back” and stated that Trump’s “plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ has always been about making America white again.” This was her way of accusing him of racism rather than his attempt to flip the meaning and to suggest she had made a racist statement.

But the Speaker was speaking the truth and as we have come to know all too well, the truth is something that is completely alien to Trump.

Maybe, just maybe there will come a time when his GOP fellow travelers and his hoodwinked base will wake up to his fake news and say like a growing percentage of Americans that he is unfit for office.

During the recent testimony of Mueller no word has popped up more than “obstruction” and it can’t be said enough when it comes to Trump and his administration. He has orchestrated a litany of lies all with the purpose of obstructing us from the truth, from denying citizens their civil and human rights and the protections guaranteed to all of us, including four congresswomen of color who have been unfairly castigated and impugned by the incompetent occupant of the Oval Office.

Yes, Speaker Pelosi we hail your comments and they resonate with us that to Make America Great—Trump Must Go!