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In Pantoneview’s 2020 color trend report, there’s a new direction introducing both a novel and nostalgic approach to design. Tattooing, as an art form, is featured in the new prints that are charming their way through fashions and home decorating. Colors are cheeky and irreverent in a color story where modern day meets the old master.

Look for prints that are reminiscent of historical collages. Charming prints highlight how the growing interest in the art of tattooing has grown. Today’s tattoo patterns are drawn from patterns in interiors and textiles. These prints and patterns are often the inspiration for body art, and vice versa. It shows that inspiration can come from unexpected places.

The color palette in the Prints Charming report refers to a sense of history and tradition. At the same time, the 2020 prints and patterns introduce a playful commingling of traditional themes and modern-day usages. Fashionable riffs on tattoo motifs show up equally well in fashion and home products, with noticeable colors and sometimes-minimalist renderings.

Popcorn yellow is playfully paired with floral reds. Bright Cobalt blue and a ruddy Umber are calmed by a cool mossy Green Bay. The second portion of the palette offers the uses of a black and white silver statement that introduces a contemporary Jet Black and historically significant Antique White.

Tapestry prints are charming from the Isabellie Torrelle’s collection, “Les Femmes de Delft.” With ironic anachronisms and an eye-catching confrontation between highbrow culture and elements of contemporary pop culture, Isabelle Torellee’s second Meisterwerke collection takes Flemish Tapestry to new heights. In Les Femme de Delft, she once again combines weaving and embroidery in striking panels. Besides muffling sounds, they also exhibit an insightful commentary on aesthetic history.