If for a moment you think you’ve just about seen and experienced the worst of Trump’s madness, take a look at his budget for next year.

For a so-called leader who loves to deliver a torrent of superlatives—the best, the largest, the most perfect—no matter the topic or issue, his proposed budget warrants one—the most egregious one ever foisted on the American public.

What’s in store for most citizens is a veritable shredding of the safety net in his record $4.8 trillion budget that includes a $2 trillion cut to a variety of programs in place to assist society’s most desperate sectors.

And we hope Congress steps up again to deny Trump’s plan to cut subsidized student loans and end the public service loan forgiveness program.

A 7.8% cut in education funding is part of the budget.

The nation’s poor and disabled will be further burdened if cuts are implemented to reduce spending on Medicaid as well as subsidies to the Affordable Care Act that Trump was obsessed about even before he occupied the Oval Office.

Medicare will take a hit too, and food stamps have been on the chopping block for months now. The promises made to improve the country’s infrastructure have yet to materialize and Trump’s plans to cut funds to the EPA will practically eliminate programs Trump has deemed “wasteful.”

When it comes to the immigration issue, only those recently coming from under a rock are unaware of Trump’s dream wall with no open door, and costs he said would be paid by Mexico. Who can forget the five-week shutdown when he didn’t receive the funds he requested.

You probably won’t hear a squeak from Dr. Ben Carson if the proposed cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development go through. But there is sure to be an uproar from the dispossessed as the rental assistance funds disappear.

One branch of the government that will not experience Trump’s ax is the military and the Pentagon. Money that could be better used to take care of the rising cost of medical care, housing, and the environment is earmarked to increase America’s already outsized weapons of war.

In short, as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries noted, Trump’s budget is a “declaration of war on the American dream.” It’s a nightmare scenario that if approved by Congress would only give credence to what has become a wave of immorality and human violations perpetrated by the Trump administration.

We ask you once more to take notice of the impending doom and join us in our own declaration that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!