Armstrong Williams (26543)
Armstrong Williams

The most incredible con is going on in America right now. As predicted by many of those who did not support President Biden in the 2020 election, the early days of the administration have indicated that the Democrats are continuing to use disenfranchised demographics for their vote and nothing more. These groups are nothing more than pawns to the Democrats who rely on their support for continued success in elections. Unfortunately, these groups continue to receive nothing in return for that support. Interestingly, however, rather than hold these elected officials accountable it seems that the mainstream media is why many have become bitter, angry, and marginalized about America and their chances of any generational success. The MSM has caused many Americans to look down upon themselves and to look to Democrats and expansive government as their savior, even without demonstrable results.

Look at the latest executive orders implemented by newly elected President Biden. So far, they offer expansion of SNAP, higher gas prices, canceling of the Keystone Pipeline and subsequent loss of thousands of jobs, biological men dominating women sports, minimum wage $15-an-hour at the expense of shutting down small businesses, and so much more. With these orders, Democrats have become the new slave masters for many disenfranchised Americans. If the poor and downtrodden genuinely want freedom, they have to step away from this monopoly of their vote, become independent and, most importantly, demand results from those that they support.

When someone continues to make the same promises repeatedly while continuing to deliver programs that sap away your self-respect, dignity and ability to create long term wealth and a stable family foundation, do you stick with them or do you go elsewhere? I think most people would say that they would move on because to continue to repeat the same mistake over and over again becomes the definition of insanity.

Well, that’s what Democrats have come to expect of the American people; they must think their voters are because that is the only way people would accept what they have proposed thus far. While there is a role for the government and a place to provide assistance to those struggling, the first step must not be to rely on the government immediately. We have communities, churches and other civil society entities and organizations that should be the first line of defense against poverty. Americans and these organizations, when working together, are what fosters a sense of community among each of us. It is our collective duty to build and promote a sense of community among disparate people.

People become disconnected and are unable to see comfort in their surroundings when there is an obtuse entity such as the government intervening. Especially since it has been repeatedly demonstrated that government intervention often does more harm than good.

The harm comes from people not feeling the need to come to each others aide. The damage comes when people no longer feel like they need to rely on each other or civic organizations because the government has stepped in. The solution to our problems isn’t more social welfare programs that create dependency. Instead, we should focus on programs that equip people with the skillset and ability to be competitive in the marketplace. If the Democrats truly wanted to create a better future to those who have fallen on hard times they would support and promote policies that build the individual by focusing on education, training and the importance of a family structure. The best thing the government can do is empower people by fostering an environment that stresses the importance of education, entrepreneurship, family and faith.

For years, the Democrats have run on the idea that by leveling the playing field, they can guarantee outcome and success. This is where their fault lies. While this might be a noble cause, it is simply impossible to guarantee an outcome for anyone, there are too many individual factors at play that cannot be “leveled.” Instead, what we can do is guarantee a reliable public-school education, resources and opportunity. Still, it is up to each individual to utilize those tools to their advantage. It is up to the individual to go after their dreams and to persevere when things get hard. The government will never be able to do this for the individual. The more the government interferes with trying to create something it can’t guarantee, no matter how hard it tries, the more people inevitable become dependent on the government. This is what a nanny state looks like, one that stifles ingenuity and promises the perfect life for everyone, but that reality will never exit. Not everyone will achieve the same success levels and frankly not everyone wants to achieve the same levels of success. However, everyone can work hard to achieve something notable, whatever that means to them, with the proper training, skills, and access resources and those things do not come from government alone.

Armstrong Williams (@ARightSide) is the owner and manager of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and the 2016 Multicultural Media Broadcast Owner of the Year. He is the author of “Reawakening Virtues.”