Black dance is like breathing in-and-out. Like so much of our history, we don’t know these early masters, like Master Juba (1825-1852) or Bill “Bojangles” Robinson (1878-1949), Asadata Dafora (1890-1965) or John W. Bubbles (1902-1986).

In the spirit of dance and expression, “Black Dance Stories,” the popular program is presenting new episodes during March featuring Black choreographers, dancers, movement artists and creatives who use their work to raise societal issues and strengthen community. “Black Dance Stories” also welcomes Gesel Mason, Jamal Story, Sidra Bell, Archie Burnett, Natasha Diamond-Walker and Trebien Pollard.

The series streams live on YouTube at http://”>www.youtube.com/c/BlackDanceStories/ on Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST.

Conceived and co-created by performer, producer and dance writer Charmaine Warren, the weekly discussion series showcases and initiates conversations with Black creatives that explore social, historical and personal issues and highlight the African diaspora’s humanity in the mysterious and celebrated dance world. “Black Dance Stories” is presented in association with 651 ARTS.

“Black Dance Stories” upcoming live episodes Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST:

March 11, 2021: Gesel Mason & Jamal Story

March 18, 2021: Sidra Bell & Archie Burnett

March 25, 2021: Natasha Diamond-Walker & Trebien Pollard

In January 2021, “Black Dance Stories” and 651 ARTS announced their partnership to co-present the series for the Spring 2021 season. The new partnership reflects the commitment of “Black Dance Stories” to support, uphold, highlight and celebrate Black creatives and marks the first time 651 presents an online series as part of its suite of programming. For more information, visit the “Black Dance Stories” website at www.blackdancestories.org