Manhattan Borough President

Like the full slate of mayoral candidates, it’s a bumper crop primary in other political races, and none more significant than electing a new Manhattan borough president. For this important office we are endorsing Brad Hoylman, the highly regarded legislator who has sponsored several vital pieces of legislation. He will bring to the office the same vision and progressive legacy that marked his practice on reforming community boards. Brad knows where the disparities are in our borough and has the skill and principles to resolve them. If elected—and we believe he will be—Brad will become the first LGBTQ+ person to hold the office. Our board was unanimous on this choice, noting his consistent orientation to pertinent data and the impressive record he compiled as a state senator. We also applaud his giving more than a passing nod to the performing arts and the cultural institutions in our community. And we are glad to see the support he has amassed from Broadway actors and producers. In short, Brad is a class act with the bona fides to make his all-encompassing platform a reality here in Manhattan. He is the type of leader we desperately need in this crisis-laden society, one who is prepared to deal with the challenges in the wake of the pandemic and the growing concern about public safety. Take the baton Brad and take us to a promising finish line.

Queens Borough President

Our choice for the borough president in Queens is Donovan Richards. During his term at the helm of the 2.2 million residents of Queens, Donovan has lived up to his promise to revitalize the borough. We take our guidance on this from the thousands of people who praised his remarkable attention and action on the pandemic, as he dutifully expanded access to the vaccine to combat COVID-19. The steps he has taken to improve the plans for affordable housing are also commendable. We think Donovan deserves a chance to complete some of the vision he announced in 2020, and if he continues on this progressive path Queens and other parts of the city will be the beneficiaries.

City Council

District 6

We chose Gale Brewer as the council member in District 6. Gale’s record as Manhattan borough president was impeccable and nearly flawless. She deftly oversaw a large metropolis, and we believe she can successfully manage a smaller enclave.

District 7

In District 7 Stacy Lynch is our choice. Over the years in several capacities, Stacy has invoked her considerable political pedigree to get things done. She cut her eye-teeth on political complexities in a household often brimming with civic leaders.

District 9

District 9 was crowded with a number of candidates and we have decided on Athena Moore as our first choice and Cordell Cleare as the second. Both have enviable records of community service and are endowed with political savvy and awareness.

District 13

We endorse Marjorie Velazquez for the council seat in District 13. If AOC has an acolyte in the Bronx Marjorie is the one.

District 16

For District 16 we endorse Yves Filius. Yves has earned his political spurs through his work with Vanessa Gibson and Letitia James.

District 21

In District 21 we endorse George Onuorah. He has worked tirelessly for communities across the globe and around the corner. Now he wants to concentrate on making sure that together the entire community rises.

District 27

Harold Miller is our first choice for District 27. He is dedicated to the community and making sure that homeownership is something that is not lost from generation to generation. He will fight for tenants’ rights and greater equity on a myriad of fronts. Renee Hill is our second choice for this seat in ranked choice voting.

District 31

Selvena Brooks-Powers is our choice in District 31. After winning in the February special election she has already proven that she can and will make the district proud. She is an effective leader with a passion for her community and service.

District 35

In District 35 we endorse Crystal Hudson. Crystal Hudson has had facility discussing a wide range of the most pressing issues in a serious, policy-minded way. As a first time candidate, Hudson has extreme comfort being in tough conversations in a district with more than its share of tough conversations to be had. Hudson has demonstrated commitment to centering the concerns of Black folks in her district and beyond. Hudson will lead her district in a new hands-on direction.

District 39

Briget Rein is our choice in District 39. As a teacher and activist she has been fighting the good

fight her entire life. Now she wants to represent the people being elected to public office so she can continue to fight for those who need help the most.

District 40

We endorse Josue Pierre in District 40. He has worked his way through government and has proved to be a dedicated public servant who is looking to strengthen his community.

District 41

Alicka Ampry-Samuel is our choice for council seat in District 41.

District 42

Charles Barron who has served with distinction in two elected offices is our choice in District 42.

District 46

In District 46 we endorse Shirley Paul. A practicing attorney, she has always reached out to help those in need. She is looking to continue to represent her community as she has throughout her career; keeping people in their homes, saving small businesses, and educating the future are just some of her priorities.

District 49

Kelvin Richards is a rising star in Staten Island and is our choice in District 49. Born in Liberia, Kelvin started his path to helping others as a refugee in Ghana at age 10. By then he already knew the horror of war and what it does to community and family. He came to the U.S. and went to college and law school. He became a public defender and now wants to serve in the council. We believe he would be a great asset in the council as he is the kind of leader we need.