The north node in Gemini and south node in Sagittarius approaches a milestone and turn of events recently from 9 to 8 degrees, coming into the home stretch. Mentally and physically, it means there’s a nudge inside to reconstruct your mind to do something different. Remember to reflect on your life up until now. What lessons have you learned? In what leap of faith in yourself did you partake, and how did it feel? What knowledge have you gained? Did you make any contributions to assist someone? Without trials, tribulations, pain, even happiness, there is no struggle. The struggle is an awareness to get you out of the mud to push you further than you ever imagined. Pick up a good book or listen to an audiotape to recondition your mind. The most invaluable thing you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself to reap the benefits of life. We’re all connected in various ways to learn from one another while having compassion and love. Nothing can prevent compassion and the righteousness of yourself, nor resolve any circumstance until we recognize we are the problem as well as the solution. “Nothing can come to you unless you believe you deserve it, and nothing can go from you unless you believe you don’t deserve it.” Fredrick Eikerenkoetter

Capricorn: What are your hopes, dreams, and goals in life this week? What’s your approach, and what’s your attitude about your plans and progress? The energy this week is getting comfortable in your skin—comfortable enough to do things differently. Your intellectual property mixed with the inner genius wants you to get it off your chest and out of your mind by writing, singing, dancing, meditation, etc. Organize your space and discard or recycle items no longer needed now.

Aquarius: Physically or spiritually, pack your cosmic luggage and travel where there are beautiful waterfalls, and visualize yourself already journeying where you wish to go. Allow the air to engulf you with its presence and feel the vibrations of the water and ground beneath your every footstep unto the earth’s rich soil, with the sun renewing your vitality and your self-awareness. Open your eyes; things will slowly reveal themselves to you. What you seek, you shall find.

Pisces: Affection and recognition from others are felt this month cycle strongly. Creating outstanding changes within the structure of your foundation will become apparent this week. It could be about sorting paperwork, resources, your finances, and setting other priorities. In the romance, work and finance departments you are required to balance and focus with a listening ear. Consider contributing, which will only increase your compassion towards yourself and others. Try it out and see the response you receive.

Aries: A sense of change is upon you, and no more crying over spilled milk. Review the facts to the bigger picture and choose the best route to move forward in life. Life is like an envelope with experiences to ascend you to higher consciousness. Everything in life has a purpose, as you do too. Every decision creates new paths and new exposures to encounter in your quest for life. Mentally and emotionally, unplug yourself to be self-reliant as life offers the durability to get you through.

Taurus: Changes in your personal affairs are heating up like the sunbeams on the waves of the water. Indulge in a nature walk. Retreat to a reclusive nature area allowing the seas to press against your feet to cleanse and clear your path. Our feet also transmit information to our body, mind, and soul—Brew warm water lemon tea to alleviate any abdominal upset. If the things you value don’t bring joy inside, then seek out something that brings meaning to your life and joy to your heart.

Gemini: Your mental department may be bombarding you with massive ideas. Carry a tape recorder or cell phone to voice notes to store your thoughts to review when time permits. Don’t allow time to escape as one of these unique ideas may be worthwhile. Rise early with the sun to accommodate your schedule, handle family obligations first, and then do what’s in your best interest, ready for the day. Distance yourself from all the distractions and attune your mind for peace. Culturally, visit quality art shops, museums, concerts, luxury homes, and even a trip to the zoo to ease your mind.

Cancer: One of the main ingredients this week is honesty to renew or form better relationships. If you don’t trust or be honest with yourself, your connection will not survive where honesty is lacking. What you want for yourself, you should want for others. Mentally and physically, rewards often come when you show your best and do for yourself first. Then the rest will follow. Record any sudden insights that will prove helpful throughout the days coming. Make it a point not to chase after anything, but rather magnetize them to you instead for best results.

Leo: In a way, you may be able to feel the cosmic energy of Uranus in Taurus, gently yet abruptly getting you out of your comfort zone to be uniquely different. Rest versus work. Make it a point to take brief naps to receive divine information straight from the source. You may feel the tingling in your feet, the pulse in your fingertips, and unusual feelings in your body for confirmation. If any headache occurs, take oregano oil and hold it under your tongue for 10 seconds to ease the discomfort. Schedule a full body massage sometime this month when possible.

Virgo: A new project or mission is forming in your mind to create the outline even before you start. This project requires a team meeting with weekly follow-ups to ensure and be in tune with your plan. When you walk into the room, everyone knows it’s time to get down to business. Be sure of those involved that everyone has paper, pen, or pencil ready to take notes. Follow up on questions and answers. You’re a loyal team member, an astute student, and a teacher who shares your wealth of knowledge with others to help themselves.

Libra: Relinquish the emotional baggage of yourself and others who’ve wasted their issues on you. Carry your imaginary trash cans out and dump them at the bend before you begin and end your day. Instead, bring those glamorous ideas forth to create a new product or a piece of work. You don’t need any hassles or confrontations in your life at this present moment. This week, purge by detoxing, fasting, spending time in nature near water to wash it away. What’s inside of you is more valuable than what you see outside. Besides, the outside reflects inside.

Scorpio: Traveling by water may have you seasick or give you the feeling of emotional upset due to changes in the body. Short and long-distance travel may require you to pack light. If you’re not traveling, you’re working longer hours than usual for a short period with or without incentives. Give yourself 15-minute breaks between your work schedule to reduce the clutter in your mind and headline news from others. It’s time for a change, one you can feel.

Sagittarius: Financial gains and rewards with built-in incentives attached are in progress this week. News of pregnancy, separation, renewal of marriage vows, and a commitment to self or relationship may be developing. Remodeling or rearranging the home or perhaps simply planning to relocate is likely to be in your plans. For your benefit, adjust your routine to keep the excitement, adventures thrill of events and information flowing.

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