Set the tone for the next several days with a mental vision and apply yourself daily to bring forth results in that vision. Be as detailed as possible; also, organize your file cabinets, kitchen drawers, hallways, finances, receipts, etc. I believe you get the point. Stand your ground in your affairs, and everything will be all right. Go with the flow because once you don’t, you disrupt the energy and create blocks making it challenging to get back into the flow on another venture. Follow your dreams, and if nothing else, allow your intuition to guide you through the cycle of change.

Capricorn: A woman of influence can enter your life with a conversation that can uplift your spirits. This includes receiving messages from the Divine source through your dreams that may appear in the form of a woman. Listen rather than responding. Take note of the information given to you straight from the Divine source. News about your partnership or business opportunities is expanding, along with handling any contracts or semi-legal matters to resolve. Be open to new ideas and ways to be creative.

Aquarius: Conversations can elevate you to a higher understanding of the things you didn’t understand before now. It’s also a money-making week to receive monies through gestures, sponsors, promotions, or perhaps investing in yourself. Finances magically can come about around this week’s cycle. Depending on the Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in retrograde with a tug of war at play, it may be a bit delayed or on time. Yet, Jupiter continuously plows through in all its glory.

Pisces: A change of direction is occurring in your plans to operate differently due to the recent Neptune in Pisces retrograde. It reveals information either you passed up or now having the time to review the facts to your satisfaction. Taking a different path allows you to walk into the unknown, and it’ll renew and satisfy your soul. The insightfulness brings smiles to your face because your soul is rejuvenated to carry the energy passing it along to benefit and inspire other beings.

Aries: The presence or conversation of a woman figure can encourage you to make the necessary changes in your daily affairs by way of a story she shares with you for inspiration and motivation. It’s a week to reflect on the foundation of your upbringing to see if they’re affecting your progress forward. What was your childhood like? Who were your friends? What activities were you involved in? What were the rules in your home? What foundation are you building now to leave a legacy for your children and the next generation to come? That’s some of the answers you seek.

Taurus: The direction of your life is changing at a rapid pace, electrifying your mind with new ideas to store in your repertoire to utilize daily. It’s a great week to promote your craft or others as you’re in a cycle of giving, receiving, and sharing information. What new techniques are you learning now? Your creativity has a twinkle and a spark to get the job done completed this cycle.

Gemini: This is the week to cut the cords on old patterns of behavior that keep you operating in the same way yet getting the same results differently. Step out of your comfort zone and try something uniquely new that brings a transformation in your due diligence and your affairs with family. Your way of life is changing, and for you, Gemini, it’s all about change, as you don’t like to be bound to one person or thing. You want to explore many avenues of life freely. Decorating your home will change the tone of your home environment.

Cancer: Balance is required if you want to give anything your full attention now. Organizing and cleaning the home can be relaxing after coming home from work. You like to have a meal on the table around dinner time when possible. Preparing your dinner meals the night before takes less time to prepare and cook before dinner. Find a routine that’s useful when due to your busy schedule. Remember to take time out for yourself to reap the benefits and enjoy your adult time. All work and no play isn’t fun.

Leo: Break down the barriers and the walls to relinquish yourself to push through no matter the direction of the flow of the wind. The wind will guide you if you don’t work against the energy. Listen to what the divine power is speaking to you. The physical results will act when your mind is made up. You have to decide or take a leap of faith to jump and do it without looking back. The journey isn’t easy but certainly worth it if you do.

Virgo: Awkwardness, along with backward energy, seems to be in the air this week. It’s like you’re undoing something to revise things you’ve already completed to give it more definition. Working on a foundation requires a plan to build an outline until it becomes a repetition in your mind. A woman of influence will bring out the elegance in your projects to stand out more.

Libra: A feeling of newness to assert yourself seems on the rise. You have many things on the table that you can package together as a bundle flash sale. Take time to reflect and write your thoughts in your journal with a cup of tea next to you. The new energy will help you assert yourself in a new and different light this week with how you operate your business and personal affairs. Don’t be afraid to go a different route to expand your services while helping others along the way.

Scorpio: It’s time to get things in order within your home, family, and other important obligations at this time. Once you accomplish the task promptly, you’ll reap the benefits sooner than you know. Sometimes, it is just that simple to apply yourself to get it done. Then, when you make your moves, allow the universe to bring great things to you by putting in the work. The Divine source sees all and will never forsake you.

Sagittarius: The energy of the New and Full Moon is in effect this week. Your intuition is high, your senses are like a bloodhound on the prey, and your tender touch has healing abilities. When people hug you, they can feel the power, even through your words, by sharing a story to uplift their spirit. Drink plenty of water, as having that much energy can leave you dehydrated. Expect some form of change in the home, at work, and check your home or offices for any water leaks. Visit an area of a body of water to reflect. Also, water your plants if you have any.

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