The remaining days of August will see engaging with groups, events to attend, and roundtable conversations, whether virtual or online. Reviewing your inventory was needed in your home, also in your finances. Numerically, the last few days of August and the first week of September are health indicators. Be mindful of any accidents of the ankles or tripping over something when walking. During your annual physical, if you already have an underlying health condition, an unexpected diagnosis may appear. The global health news will also report increases in COVID cases around the Labor Day holiday.

Capricorn: Allow your creativity to inspire you to make or do something unique within your profession or your daily routine. Sign up for a course to increase your self-development or research a topic to go further down the rabbit hole to discover new information. When you get a clue about a number, idea, or personal situation, take notes and write them down. Then, put it into play and don’t disregard the information. This week will seem prophetic, so keep a small pocket notebook to write down those insightful ideas. A new alliance of friendship can come about, or you may be asked to be a part of a speaking engagement or invited to an event. Don’t be surprised.

Aquarius: A sudden awakening, a metamorphosis of the soul, can transpire, bringing forth a change for the better. With Jupiter in Aquarius, there comes a reestablishing of your foundation in a different light. Circumstances you have no control over may play themselves out, be it a separation of someone or something. This also may include the home or workplace, and even your mental perspective may seem to change, seeing things differently. Relatives and siblings will play a role this week either by phone or travel to see them. A slight incline in your business affairs is in the forecast as well or working on business projects.

Pisces: The remaining week of August suggests you set aside time to sit in quiet meditation with your eyes shut, listening to the voice within, or taking note of the vision from your Divine Creator. Drink plenty of water before bed and upon arising. This week, your artistic nature is flowing with vivid portraits, creating music, dancing, singing, all the while being driven to go or sit near a body of water to reflect. Be mindful of your food intake, as your stomach may be sensitive to the spices within the food at this time.

Aries: This is a week to be private, keeping things to yourself without other folks in your business. Take time to rearrange your home and follow up on weekly tasks. Your clairvoyant faculties are heightened this week, and it’s best to acknowledge the information received as it brings better clarity to you. Awkward moments and mood swings may appear, so be mindful of taking it easy when they seem to come out of nowhere. There also may be unknowledgeable issues nudging you to reduce the load you carry and let go of things you’ve been holding you back.

Taurus: Enjoy the beauty of your private company this week where your three best friends are me, myself, and I. Take a break from others to focus on you and what you want exclusively. Your get-away break can be as simple as a walk in the park, working out, reading, and just being a kid again. The small in life is what counts and brings the most satisfaction. Do something new, unique in a different way that makes your gifts and abilities stand out.

Gemini: As you’re in the process of building a foundation, round off and complete your dreams and visions with great intentions followed by a new twist. What route are you taking this time to enjoy the experience? Link up with a different group, enjoy an audiobook or CD to stimulate your intellectual spark, or study other subjects while learning about life’s uniqueness. Life in itself is the subject one needs to know about, as we are all connected in various ways.

Cancer: What thoughts or ideals pacing back-and-forth in your mind; that you put on the back burner in the past, can you begin to work towards now? After you’ve taken care of family, other work and obligation, continue to do for Self. What makes you happy? Plan a “me-moment” routine schedule of the things you want to do. Don’t overload yourself with concerns on bills and taxes, as they will always be just that. Your life is much more precious. Take care of yourself first, and everyone and everything else eventually will find its rhythm.

Leo: When there’s a push that initiates a shove, it gets you into a groove that aims towards a higher calling. You can proceed to the next level as the Divine Creator forces guide you to a new level of transformation. Take note of the messages you see, hear or read about, and let your inner spirit guide you. A conversation with someone you looked up to will inspire you to follow your heart. A leap of faith is what it takes to move forward if you plan to go to the next level.

Virgo: With so many flashes of downloads and insights from higher sources, it’s almost as if they’re coming to you when you’re awake and go on about your day. Your experiences and wisdom will elevate and magnetize the people in your and other communities in the process. If you think about joining a group or starting a course, this is an excellent week to do so.

Libra: Opportunities are presenting themselves this week that are likely to bring excitement into your life. Listen to the offers in which people want to involve you and ask questions to understand the plan clearly before agreeing. What a busy and productive, fast-paced week. It’s best to follow up and stay on schedule and reply to any emails, messages, call-backs, etc. Don’t forget to carry a pocket notebook for those fresh new ideas that come to mind.

Scorpio: What’s the 411 on your current project? Have you outlined everything you need, including the material, to start the process to its logical conclusion? A unique project will require you to note all the required inventories and trim any fat on the bills and other costly obligations around this time to avoid any interruptions in your presence now. Yes! This is your week where things come to a culmination.

Sagittarius: Minor tenderness of your abdominal area may be irritated with what you’ve eaten recently. Rub your stomach, as some food will cause symptoms of food poisoning. Be equally mindful of eating out as well. Drink plenty of water to flush your internals while adding ginger, lemon with a pinch of cayenne pepper in a tea form, alleviating the tension within your gestation area. A woman of influence will play a role in your affairs this week, be it a mother, a daughter, wife, aunt, sister, etc. Be detailed as possible with a tremendous listening ear before you respond.

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