The universe is vastly shifting into a new direction with the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius at 5 degrees, in this 5 universal year, and a 5 universal month. It gives a sense that something of the unknown is underway. This energy will be different due to the universal numerical alignment of a double 5 energy (air element) universal year, a month with a 7 (water element) universal week, indicating sudden changes within partnerships, and how information is swiftly spreading by word of mouth. In addition, numerically, the numbers indicate a quiet storm approaching, one that starts off silently and changes the weather abruptly with rainfalls drastically pouring down. Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, which is ruled by water, suggests we can expect the unknown with the storm, expanding collectively, clashing with other storms underneath, causing significant floods like we haven’t seen thus far. “A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women.” Elijah Muhammad

Capricorn: Home matters are vital to attend to regarding organizing, cleaning, finances, schooling, and personal relationships that can begin suddenly. This cycle week, the feeling of being in love with yourself and recognizing who you are as a spiritual being is featured. Don’t mind the uncomfortable feeling that comes through to shake your world up. Just know it’s the divine source’s way of transmitting a message to you. Allow your creativity to flow effortlessly. Your skin is flawless, especially on the 11th & 13th, along with a significant change on the rise.

Aquarius: Make the most of your artistic nature, be it your appearance, unique haircut, spoken words, or sharing a story with someone that can transform and inspire you to follow your dreams. This cycle week is full of passion, joy, and excitement with a blend of romance to bring happiness. Enjoy a pastime, a movie, or a book as you did in your childhood. Whatever may be bothering you emotionally, get it off your chest once you address your concerns. Then, you’ll feel a sense of relief, thankfully.

Pisces: There’s nothing like feeling liberated once the final piece of the foundation is applied. Your light shines even brighter on the accomplishments you fulfilled to your satisfaction and completion. The feeling of newness and renewals brings peace to your heart, mind & soul. I know you can feel the change on the horizon. This year has brought lessons upon lessons to revise this. Master your craft flawlessly until it becomes natural. Now it’s ready. Can you step into the light, and if not now, when Neptune in Pisces goes direct Dec.r 1, 2021? If so, it should be great timing.

Aries: Hey Aries, seeking the truth at times is right in your face, under your nose, and you still can’t see it. Look beyond the physical, and that’s when the universe divinely steps in, placing you in a specific place at a particular time to receive the message. Tracing your tracks is always great when looking or seeking something. Record your dreams, take note of the people you interact with as for the truth. Because what you’re seeking will be revealed. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to travel?

Taurus: Your braveness and patience with others this week will pay off handsomely after the rains clear and the sun shines on you next week. Remember, getting uncomfortable makes you stronger, wiser, and well-seasoned. The events you attend this week, rather virtual or in-person or suddenly meeting someone, will be beneficial in some shape or form. When the divine Creator steps in with its unique orchestration will leave a lasting impression on you. One that you’ll not forget. Give Thanks and Gratitude.

Gemini: Can you say wow, this is a big week for you to start something downright new. Your friends, family, etc. will be there to support the cause. You’re in the spotlight this week with all eyes on you. Keep a great smile on your face. Any plans you make will go smoothly; just don’t rush. There’s no need to rush and be present. Surround yourself with like-minded people. There may be a message you need to hear that brings an ahh moment that gives you input on how to go about your affairs.

Cancer: Your mind is brainstorming up a few things that indicate a change or perhaps a softer approach in your affairs. A sense of oneness guides you spiritually to renew yourself in some way, shape, or form. There’s something you have to release yourself from that’s holding you back from moving forward. You have an artistic spark that’s been lying dormant, and now is the time to bring forth such creation or craft to make it a reality.

Leo: Commitments, relationships, work, and heavy duties are all surrounding you this week. A hint of a slight delay will be present to get you to see some things a bit differently. Pay attention to those nudges that indicate waiting before moving to the next lesson or turning to the next chapter. Although this is a hefty financial gain, a period where people who want to support you by investing, sponsoring you, still it’s best to keep an eye on your expenses. Besides, this is a feeling and a phenomenal looking week.

Virgo: New ideas lead to new ways and concepts of thinking, thus forming new alliances. Remember, this is the week where how you start is how you finish. This is a good time for you with the New Moon in Virgo, indicating a strong will to make any and everything happen. The immediate family will play a role in your affairs this week. Be mindful to address any issues dealing with children, team members during this power cycle. End this week with your feet propped up, knowing you handled all your business.

Libra: Change is rapidly floating in the air. Can’t you sense it? The breeze against your back feels different now that the weather is changing. You may feel it in your ankles and lower back, and your stomach may have some discomfort. Increase your water intake, breathing exercises, and stretch your body daily. Remember, your foundation and upbringing and how people made you feel will serve a purpose this week. Of importance is not allowing others to pull you into their plan.

Scorpio: You can sense something is on the rise, yet you may not know what it is. It has a way of revealing its true nature to you at a moment’s notice. You know one thing for you is to be ready and prepared for what’s ahead in the unknown. Something may occur out of left field this week so keep abreast of what information you’re hearing, sensing, and feeling. Any semi-legal matters can be completed very swiftly when you apply yourself this week.

Sagittarius: New ground is starting to form due to your dedication and persistence in your affairs. You made it this far as not to turn back. There’s just one, or perhaps a few obstacles that will present themselves to test your faith which you’ll pass with flying colors. Remember where you started from and your purpose to move in such a direction to change your life. Never allow that to escape your mind as to your vision, mission, and purpose. Your strength and conviction will only keep you elevating higher.

Copyright Kya French 2021