On the cusp of Virgo-Libra, we can change the season, and with the North node in Gemini, South node in Sagittarius changing to 4 degrees in Mercury retrograde’s shadow, expect a shake, quiver, or tremors within the earth in all four directions. What, When, Where, and How will be the questions some will ask, and some answers will be I don’t know. If Mother Nature put in plain sight the unseen, we wouldn’t understand or even accept the truth of the reality of life. At the present moment, walk the unknown, and faith will guide you to your destiny once you invest in what you solely believe. The Divine Creator will show and direct your steps on your journey. What God’s plan for you is for you. “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Capricorn: This is a week to unwind from the hustle and bustle of life after handling your business in the prior weeks. Now, it’s time for you to retreat, reflect, increase your research by reading a good book or listening to audio. This cycle brings a need to go unnoticed, to be laid back while information and others seek your advice or company. A sudden meeting may occur regarding partnerships of a personal nature. Keep your journal handy to record data, for the divine is also bringing forth your creative ideas to incorporate in your affairs.

Aquarius: All eyes are on you, perhaps glued, holding on to your every word. The limelight is calling you as people want you to be a guest on their social media platform or your own. Publishing, writing, traveling, speaking at events, whether it’s online or in-person, are also in the forecast. Don’t mind those who bring confrontation or old news. Just remember, the theme this month is to let it go or walk away, and silence can be your best answer as well. Keep boosting by feeding and surrounding yourself with good people and great vibes, feeling light as a feather.

Pisces: What you value the most is likely to be the theme this week as a powerful transformation occurs within your workspace, home, and business affairs. Take time out to organize your finances, documents, bookcase, shelves, or closets for those moments when you need to locate something. You’ll have no problems if you do. Labeling your file cabinet will also prove beneficial. As this cycle may be up in the air at the moment, go with the ebbs and flow of life, taking note of the information to use later next week.

Aries: Major changes are occurring in your business, home, and personal matters regarding relocation, your home, or sale of the property. Also, finalize any investments. When opportunities present themselves to you, review the details as you may find yourself stuck in the middle of receiving the shorthand of the stick offered this week. Take time to review the paperwork. You may brainstorm a project that can change the course of your business and redirect how you handle your affairs. Finally, you may want to take a risk this week on something you believe.

Taurus: Despite the changes occurring with your self-development, you know the benefits will outweigh the transformational changes slowly approaching with each increment. The metamorphosis will shed old thoughts and ways of doing things while practicing and learning new information that can aid in the process. Keep the dialogue of communications open as you may want to revisit what was comfortable for you. It’s like you’re rebirthing yourself and redirecting your steps in a new direction.

Gemini: Building a new foundation and setting the tone is priority number one this week to accomplish. New rules, ideas, alliances, and questioning the information that comes to you. It’s like you already see the logistics and outcome in your mind. Draw or stretch the blueprint of your plan to ensure no details are missing. An awkward meeting of the minds regarding a conversation with someone can bring light to an idea you have in mind and clarify a situation.

Cancer: Underneath the mask you wear in the spotlight, there’s an undergoing change within your attitude, your outlook, and the choices you make in life. Plus, your inner self is waking you up praying to the God within you. When you look in the mirror, are you happy with yourself? If the answer is yes, great. Make the change that makes you happy, and your inner self will show up for you. This week adapt to a different beat, to your rhythm since it may not be working any longer due to what used to work.

Leo: Now that you’re into the rhythm of your career, the finances are flowing. You’re positioning yourself differently, which will bring you more satisfaction in your spiritual growth to assist others. Always work on your program and don’t allow yourself to work on other people’s programs at this time. Understand, you know what you know, and everyone has a unique talent and gift to bring to the table. Any traveling will likely be for work, the family, and transformation, giving you a profound meaning of self.

Virgo: Speak it into existence and be attentive, all the while pouring love into yourself and your family. New changes to family circumstances may arise this week regarding a new home, a work situation, and sudden group meetings. A meeting of your true self is directing you on a different path, adding more brightness to your light to keep shining while building a new foundation. Set the tone this month by how you start, which is how you finish, and the energy on relationships or circumstances is what it will be.

Libra: Gone with the wind is the catch for you while money is needed and flowing through your hands like air. Right now, this month is about patience and getting yourself together for the things you want out of life. Change is necessary to understand the imperfections within our character to build more strength and willpower to commit to self. Ask yourself, what if an opportunity presents itself to you? Will you be ready!

Scorpio: Work may be pulling on you more, with drastic changes occurring within the home, business, and perhaps other obligations to attend to before you make your debut. It’s time to clean house and release all that energy tied up in your hair from relationships. It may also be daily affairs and activities that weigh you down. Changing hairstyle, appearance, rearranging the home, and investing while handling your business is more pronounced. It’s time to be you, stand your ground, and be comfortable with the occurring changes.

Sagittarius: Some form of separation is on the rise, requiring perseverance through this tug of war energy. Your strength, tenacity, and willpower will be tested to the max with a slight delay. But it’s nothing you can’t handle. We all know that the universe tests our faith in mysterious ways to overcome situations that transition into the next stage. This week feels more like a metamorphosis where the transformation of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly occurs.

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