Rebirth of a New Nation: After a whirlwind of changes with the celestial planets in retrograde, Pluto stationed direct at 24 degrees, and Saturn at 6 degrees, is now in direct motion. Jupiter and Mercury will be stationed direct by the 18th of October to assist in the relief from the short period, from late April 29 through Oct. 18, of the wait-and-see game giving us a preview of what’s in store. Reflect on those dates to see what events occurred, and what were you doing? What kind of plans, arrangements, courses, meetings, self-investment during this period were made? Did you set goals and structure yourself for growth? Take a moment in silence within the stillness to reflect. “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by discomforts.” Arnold Bennett


Allow bygones to be bygones and move forward with your life. Now that Pluto has transited directly on Oct. 6th in Capricorn, at 24 degrees along with Saturn in Aquarius on Oct. 11, at 6 degrees, there should be a return to normalcy. Start planning or working on projects left on the back burner and shimmering that requires discipline and focus to complete. This cycle favors your career with sudden opportunities, advancements, investors or simply understanding your worth within your work. You may think about becoming a teacher, speaker, advisor, manager, or specialist in subjects you’re gifted in. Opportunity knocks, but it’s up to you to decide on the route you want to explore.


What’s life without going after your dreams, talent, skills, or something you have a passion for no matter what no one tells you of what you can, and cannot do? When you wake up what’s on your mind? What are your goals, dreams, and ambitions in life? This week, set new and short-term goals to manifest tangle results. The money you’ll receive from achieving your goals means more due to it being a reflection of what you can bring to the table to help yourself and others.


Everything you do matters down to the choices you make in life now. This week isn’t just about being in the spotlight. You’re in the spotlight for the information you have or your profession that people find of service and wisdom in value. When you know your value, you position yourself differently, and your life shifts accordingly. Continue to invest in yourself. Know that everyone has a story to share yet not everyone has the courage to share knowledge that their story can help someone. Share your story.


This year’s theme is about change, and how you are going to facilitate that change. If what you are doing is keeping you in the same circle yet, in a different way with the same outcome. You have to create the life you want by changing your thoughts, and perspective on life. People think having a routine is silly, yet it keeps them sharp until their goal is accomplished. Those without a routine are just idling their time. People say time is money, and money is time. How you invest your time is valuable and it speaks volumes about what you spend your time on. Time is important just like the air you breathe. What are you willing to invest time in to live a higher quality of life?


What you know is one thing, and what you see, hear, and feel is another. This week your mind can play tricks on you so it’s best to follow up on the ideas or concepts, and not to meddle in other’s people business no matter how tempting. Reflect on the guidance and habits that you created to get you where you are today. Don’t allow anyone to steer you in the wrong direction. Know thyself, and know your worth. Invest in items that build your self-esteem, your focus, and the ability to create.


There is a lesson in disguise, yet your focus is to create a better future for yourself. Think of the changes occurring within your relationships as an indicator of reordering the direction of your steps differently. Don’t give up as the energy at first may appear slow. In the meantime, listen to audio, read a book, or go for a walk to uncloud your mind then the answers about what to do next will appear. Take a risk on life as setbacks are a part of the course to shed off the old, and persevere through any adversity as you take on the new.


Self-discipline is required as work-related issues will appear which require you to look for the details, and ask the right questions to get the answers you need to resolve a situation. This week, pick up or create a new skill as time management, and organization takes priority this week. Trim the fat/excess where it’s needed, and donate any unwanted items within the home to create a cleaner space. A relationship of some kind, be it romantic, a partnership or a business venture can start or stop.


When you look in the mirror, it’s a reflection of the spiritual being in you which reflects the outside and what people see. Be properly prepared for the things you ask, and seek for it is another reflection of being ready to do the work to receive the blessing. Schedule time to nurture you in moments of silence and stillness. Your time is valuable and what you do with it creates a better future for yourself.


What is your mentality this week as it relates to getting what you need to be completed? Are you in front of the class taking notes, and asking questions? Your mind is like a sponge this week, soaking up knowledge that crosses your path. With the information provided, how can you relate to and share your perspective, and melt it down for others to understand? The lesson is you learn and seek tasks that may be difficult to keep you abreast in your schedule.


Listen more before you speak as the answers to your questions will be answered. As you progress in life your values change, and so do your circle of friends, and that part of life as well. If you have to find different ways to find new like-minded beings and souls, you’ll be more than thankful you surrounded yourself with positive people. Community outreach activities are great when sharing your knowledge with others, and networking is important to meet and learn from others in addition.


Motivated yourself to push and get where you want to be in life? It can be as simple as setting goals like losing six pounds, a change your diet or work out a plan of action within the next 3 – 6 months to accomplish. Sit in quietness every day before you start and when you do, your day will go by much better due to the fact you’re setting your intentions. Your peace of mind is priceless. A conversation with a loved one or close friend can bring clarity to a situation, or that some truth is being revealed to you.


We were made to be creators of our destiny. This week you’re willing to buckle down, and put in the work to create a product, service, or be of help to others who can then share their expertise with you along your journey. Fulfill your mission this week as you’re in the spotlight and everywhere you go you see someone you know, or they know you, or of you. Motivate your peers, family, spouse, etc., as you never know how your words of encouragement can make someone’s day or inspire them to follow their dreams.

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