Pluto is at 24 degrees, Saturn at 7 degrees, Jupiter is at 22 degrees, and Mercury is at 10 degrees, all stationed direct leaving Neptune, and Uranus still retrograding. It’s time to persevere and act according to your plan. The wait-and-see game is over. The theme now is what can you bring to the table. Be the force within yourself like the Million-Man March, with protesters fighting for a cause and singing victory songs in harmony, like our ancestors did to keep their faith strong, no matter what. It’s time to flood the planet with your God-given talent to create and invent a product, a service. It’s about your expertise in your given field, and start your business in this game of monopoly. The REBIRTH of A New Nation is here, and a New Day is dawning to GET ON the RISE. Uranus has been in Taurus since May 15, 2018, and recently went retrograde on August 19, 2021. Meaning: prepare yourself and take advantage of Uranus retrograde before going direct on January 18, 2022. Take action on the new inventions coming through and for you to tidy up, form your groups/tribes/teams, and finish projects before 2022. It’s all within the timeline of history. Women are taking back their power and giving birth to a New Nation. 


A moment when life hits you differently, and suddenly you sense a higher calling with a purpose with divine insight. Your life starts to play out like a movie right before your eyes. In this brief slow-motion period, you look at your immediate surroundings, and your overall life flashes within seconds before moving forward to the next level. Your higher self is communicating higher to give you that extra push to follow your dreams. You have a natural talent. Take the necessary steps to fine-tune your gift.


Your time, effort, and dedication to your vocation are all due to you believing in the gift you were given. You knew you wanted to change your life and to fulfill it with much more meaning. When you put yourself first and take a stand, you get further in life. This period reminds you of a time in your life when you were sick and tired of being sick of tired. At that point, you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically pull yourself together to put your skills to the test or relearn a subject.


It helps when your peers, colleagues, and family, tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. They’re the ones who push you to never give up on your vision/dreams when you feel no one thinks it’s a great idea. If you think it is, then all you have to do is work towards it. We ponder on how and when––the how is already given in a vision or dream. All you have to do now is work and improve on your crafting the vision. Believe that you are worthy, and no proof nor validation is needed.


There’s the 20/80% rule, that when you give more to your needs and wants, and to others leaving 20% to invest in yourself. However, this week, the 99% rule applies when you get the most out of what you believe in by taking risks. A great amount of 99%, are the people who take a risk on themselves and not caring what others may think, and most are entrepreneurs or own a business, or took the lead of their life. Have a pioneering spirit where life is endless, and your imagination is the framework to your reality to build the life you envision.


Do you have a passion? Your passions can open avenues and doors to opportunities. What’s your vision and mission for your passions? What is your why to the reasons of what you want to do? What is your purpose? Why are you here, maybe some questions on your mind until the vision comes through, or a conversation helps you to understand yourself more? When the vision comes, work on it. This week new ideas are awakened; partnerships are formed, or a meeting of self. Visit a nearby body of water, or listen to the water and reflect on your next goals.


A degree of uncertainty may occur, however, don’t lose sight of your mission. This year you went within to nurture yourself and fine-tune the emotional side of your nature while changing up your routine and work. Responsibility is an investment that you can teach your family, and other generations to be well seasoned, and diverse in their upbringing along with the vocation you choose in life. Being responsible sets the tone of making yourself accountable to make a commitment that develops into a successful recipe for later in life. Develop new habits and try something new and know that failure is only strengthening life’s lessons to advance you to the next level.


Information is valuable and throughout generations, it’s become invaluable, yet the work ethic is changed due to the mentality of people’s focus on how to be more proficient in their line of work and network with others. What value do you stick to, to keep you grounded? As you design your master plan, generational wealth, business plans, or projects, think about the generation to come who can benefit from your work of art, and the community you can build with based upon the information provided.


When you invest in yourself, you become more aware of how self-conscious you are. No one sees the eternal work and struggles you’ve overcome. They only see the internal light shining. Not everyone will be happy for you, so be happy for yourself and be mindful of who you share your great and not-so-great news with. Set time aside with a candlelight bath surrounded with calming music, or no music, and relax to cleanse in the water. You can also reflect or mediate near a body of water as well.


The theme for you this week is therapy. Your friends, family, and colleagues will call and cramp you for information and advice. Know your boundaries, and how far you will go, and how far you’ll help them. What’s your belief system as someone will try you or ask? Your workplace or home may be changing, whether it’s time to relocate, remodel, refurbish, or simply changing your wardrobe and appearance just because a change in your routine is needed at this time.


Every day, we’re thankful we are here with much gratitude. Every day, wake up with a positive attitude to accomplish your goals, or whatever it may be that you do. The fact is getting what you want out of life by working on it every day. Just like a dream you have to set the foundation and see the results, so set the foundation every day by being disciplined, and consistent while planning each day and completing the tasks of your intentions.


Did you stick to a routine this month? If so things should go your way with the remaining days of October, with the exceptions of a few people who may want to pull you here and there. Saying NO means, NO, and don’t feel bad about it. You’re on the verge of something new this week, and new things are occurring that you have to address and face reality. Your health is mandatory this week so take precautions to protect your ears, nose, throat. Heart palpations may occur with a slight tenderness in your breast here and there.


Do you know your family history, or have that question ever ring a bell to find out? For some, they don’t want to know, and then some do. Knowing your history can reveal things you don’t know as we’re born a product of our mother’s DNA which tells a story of our genotype within the family gene line. Develop a plan of what you want to work on and research the topic. This week can also indicate attending some form of competitive show, comedy event, groups meeting, nature adventures, or creating an artistic flair for future endeavors.

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