As the node of the moon changes from 3 degrees to 2 degrees, we can expect much slower progress as the Gemini and Sagittarius axis come to end by Christmas. The 21st-27th is likely to be an adventurous time for windows of opportunities to present you to the world, to create and end, to stop or start something new. The energy can usually be felt 2 days before, and 2 days after the cosmic event. Find time where you can be alone with yourself, without any distractions or interruptions, for peace of mind before you start and end your say. Set your intentions as you rise to get ahead of the day before noontime. Being still is best to watch the scene unfold right before your eyes. Take note of missed information; others may have their eyes on you, but who has their eyes on the watchers? Silently gather up your facts and details to build a solid foundation, and bring it to the table to stand on. Otherwise, you’ll just be a conversation, going nowhere. Sketch out a plan and then follow through to completion. 

Capricorn: November is vital in many ways such as health, home, work, community outreach, and your presence. Your body is your vehicle so pay attention to the signs and signals to address the issues. Make it a week to relax, recuperate, and study a field a bit deeper while finding solitude as well as completing projects. It’s a week filled with surprises, gifts, favors, and counseling given by you or just on the receiving end as a kind gesture of “thank you.” Women will play a major role this coming month. No time for games, it’s all about being ready and pulling your bra straps up. Take care of yourself first, then the home.

Aquarius: It’s a month where things may feel more at a standstill. Patience is advised as the universe is asking you to focus on the details with the information given that’s right in front of you. This week is fast-paced and exciting with great news, yet the energy slows down by the 9th until the 21st of the month. Drink plenty of water, rest as if you’re in an incubator waiting to develop a new concept, etc. Partnerships formed may not be relationships with what you value. Release instead and make space for the new.

Pisces: Mentally you are sharp and quick on your feet. Yet don’t lose sight of what needs to be organized. Being organized is essential in all aspects of life, be it at home, your profession, or planning, etc. This month, whatever new adventures you venture into, be ready to take off into new territories that raise the bar and elevate you to higher grounds. The feeling is out with the old, and in with the new. Learning is great for those who want to excel and experience the meaning of life.

Aries: Deep down in your soul what are you yearning for to assist you in your growth? What sacrifices are you willing to make to advance your self-development? Obstacles, limitations, and the imagination of you inspiring yourself are likely to be self-imposed restrictions that you may put on yourself when it comes to making up in your mind. This week get it together mentally and structure yourself now to get you out of your funk. The funk is for your awareness. Trim down the fat, let go of the distractions and concentrate on yourself and your plans.

Taurus: What tone are you setting this month within your relationships be it a spouse, mate, friends, or communities you may be affiliated with? If your attention is false, then you’re going nowhere. When you are true about your intentions, you’ll receive better results. The foundation you’re setting is vital due to the fact you’ll always need to remember who you are, where you came from, what you are doing and when you are going, and how you make people feel. This cycle of change is about the decisions and choices we make that determine our outcome. Change up if needed. Change is beneficial.

Gemini: Information along with communication is a recipe to spread an important message across the globe be it by mail, social media, or word of mouth, etc. Double-check your facts like a company doing a background check before they hire a candidate for the job. Freestyle this week, down to your appearance, the company you keep, and how you go about your day by breaking from your normal routine. Gemini, you don’t follow rules much for one, and you may have much going on in your space, also in your mind to follow anyone’s rules other than your own. Find a team that’s flexible yet with the structure on handling their affairs promptly.

Cancer: Scorpio’s season is in a friendly water sign like yourself, except Scorpio don’t take things at face value, and like to release allowing bygones to be bygones, or take it to the grave. Cancer, you often like to feel needed, nurtured, sheltered, and that the home front is comfortable and peaceful. Think in terms that others may want the same in return to feel the hospitality. Being self-efficient is okay for it teaches you to stand your ground, let alone carry your weight. This month is about breaking down walls and creating your own.

Leo: November is prime time for you to finalize, structure, and capitalize on the past 12 months including this past October. This is your moment to commit on a grand scale as well as upscaling yourself in your business, personal development, partnerships. And with any affiliations, the aim is to hit a grand slam for the team with a standing ovation in Leo style. Leo, you take pride in your diligence due to the amount of work you apply yourself, so pat yourself on the back.

Virgo: Thinking about dropping a new course, creating a pamphlet, or teaching something new to the people? Or perhaps starting a new way of roundtable discussions socially, to reach more like-minded individuals. Getting to know yourself better in addition to your family history may be a question you want to investigate to have a clearer picture of the background of its roots. Seek the help you need by asking family questions, also siblings, and friends of the family. You may not want to join groups until you have scouted around before you commit.

Libra: Word of mouth, and door to door, are the old ways to spread the news/word around within your neighborhood. Now that technology has advanced on many levels spreading the news, it has been more accessible for others to reach you in various high and low places. What message do you want to get across or how are you getting your point across for others to tune in on that frequency? Creating another masterpiece is in store. Remember, you set the tone which is the foundation branching off into other avenues or streams of income.

Scorpio: This is your season to shine in all its glory. Schedule time off or simply call things off. When the mind and body are not operating on the same frequency, your energy is shifted finding a way to coexist in harmony. Find out what’s off-key. Is it your mental or emotional faculty that’s undecided on what to do? Give it some time to think, yet don’t ponder but instead allow it to come to you. Intentions flow where your focus goes. Ask yourself where your focus is and is it clouding your judgment. Whatever is holding you back or whatever you’re holding on to too long, let it go. Just drop it.

Sagittarius: This coming new month is all about new, new, new in all avenues of your life. Purchasing a new home, rearranging the house, applying a fresh coat of paint, and divorcing yourself from the old to welcome in the new. Slow progress is a process to check the validity of the information before it reaches the boss’s desk to make a thorough and better decision. This is a fresh start for you to break new ground while forming new alliances and seeing things from a bird’s eye view instead of what you know. Step outside your comfort zone.

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