SAG-AFTRA has named Rebecca Damon, Serena Kung and Jessica Maher executive directors of its New York, Los Angeles and New England locals Credit: Photos courtesy of SAG-AFTRA

This week SAG-AFTRA announced the appointments of new executive directors for three major areas in the country. 

Rebecca Damon in New York, Serena Kung in Los Angeles, and Jessica Maher in New England. According to the union, Damon will also serve as executive director, labor policy and international affairs.

“The New York Local is extraordinarily fortunate to have Rebecca Damon as our local executive director,” stated New York Local President Ezra Knight. “She has dedicated her life to serving SAG-AFTRA members and brings an unparalleled breadth of knowledge from her years of volunteer service as executive vice president, New York Local president, and as one of the key architects of merger. Her deep relationships with lawmakers and labor leaders across the country are a boon to our members. 

“I am joined by the entire New York Local Board in giving a resounding unanimous vote of confidence to Rebecca. We are eager to have the benefit of her staff leadership for years to come.”

Damon served as president of the New York Local in 2017 and re-elected in 2019. She served on the union President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement and as chair of the Member Outreach Relations & Education Committee. She also served as the national chair of the Government Review Committee and Innovation and New Technology Committee.

Damon’s work has been recognized several times with awards and she’s been featured on City and State’s “State Labor Power 100” list three times.

As for Los Angeles, Kung’s served at the Motion Picture Editors Guild for over a decade overseeing memberships, finance, operations and creating programs for the post-production union members. She joined SAG-AFTRA in March 2016 where she continued her work on developing programs for constituents. 

“Serena worked as associate executive director for the last five years and as interim executive director for eight months and understands not only the inner workings of our union, but what our members need,” Jodi Long, Los Angeles’ local president. “She has been invaluable in helping me assume the mantle of your Los Angeles Local president.”

Maher, in New England, has served with the union since 2008 after serving for AFTRA/SAG Boston for more than a decade. She’s been credited with lending a steady hand during the turmoil of the COVID pandemic and worked on member education and enforcing contracts.

Maher also spent time as the unit manager for the PBS show “NOVA.” During her time there she oversaw talent contracts and helped grow the narrator talent pool.

“National Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said that all three women are uniquely qualified for their positions, and she looks forward to working with them.

“Each of them has the unqualified support of their local member leadership, and has proven to be an invaluable advocate for the membership,” stated Crabtree-Ireland. “I know that they will continue their record of distinguished service, and that they will make essential contributions to furthering the interests and cause of all SAG-AFTRA members.”

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