Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city’s Internet Master Plan aimed at reversing the digital redlining that has left communities of color disconnected, ensure that M/WBEs share in the economic growth of the broadband industry, and incentivize at scale high-quality affordable internet service options for New Yorkers. 

The plan will reach up to 1.6 million New Yorkers in the next 36 months by using $157 million to build publicly owned, open-access broadband infrastructure. The city is also designating a wide range of companies––large and small, including multiple M/WBEs––to provide fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity options to an additional 70,000 NYCHA residents and 150,000 residents in the surrounding communities by early 2022.

Already, the city is in the process of bringing free or low-cost internet connectivity options for up to 40,000 residents in 18 NYCHA developments by the end of the year. The initiative brings newly affordable connectivity to a majority of NYCHA residents, with options to further scale affordable broadband to all neighborhoods citywide.  

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