Each day Vice President Kamala Harris’s seat in government becomes a little more uncomfortable. It seems no matter what she does or doesn’t do is a cause for concern, particularly from the opposition in the media.

They consistently relegate the Dems to the dumps.

There was rancor on the right when she ventured below the southern border, and now voices are raised about her trip to France and what that’s all about.

The stated purpose of the visit, according to her press team, is to have a face-to-face meeting with President Macron to continue the process of addressing climate change set in motion by President Biden going to Scotland, as well as to finish mending fences with the French.

It’s probably a good time for the vice president to get out of dodge with her approval rating dipping right along with her boss’s. A new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University presents very disturbing prospects for the Biden administration with his approval rating hitting a new low at 38% and Harris’s 10% lower.

Will passing the infrastructure bill improve their numbers is a question that may be available in coming days or weeks, though that’s nothing you can count on in these difficult times.

The Biden administration is still worried about the recent elections, particularly the loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial race and the narrow outcome in New Jersey, which took days to decide that Phil Murphy had held on to office.

Good news for the Democrats came with the notice that more of Trump’s regime are being subpoenaed for their involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection, but it only keeps Trump in the news with COVID.

Key to all these events is the extent to which the Democrats can hang on to the House and the Senate, both of which can be flipped in next year’s midterm elections. Voter suppression, redistricting, gerrymandering, and a poor turnout from African Americans are considerable factors in this process. It was good to see the Congressional Black Caucus step up and aid Speaker Pelosi in getting the infrastructure measure through. Now let’s see how that surge continues into the middle of the month when the vote comes on the larger social agenda and the climate budget is the issue.

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